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The Heart Opens Into the Tongue

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The way a cloud breaks, after wicking water from the sky for several days of a moon’s turn inward, and a droplet of water taps a leaf on its way to the ground, and says, I have heard you, is the way that we are blessed: with premonitions of what has already been given. My heart is Bell’s Inequality. On one side there is meaning and on the other side there is only its absence. […]

Drummed, Holy

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All our assumptions were wrong. The strangest part is realizing we always knew this, even in the hour of our deepest pain. We’re like a secret of the universe that wandered through the trees to a scenic overlook and stood slack-jawed peering into a crevasse full of stars and comets choreographing the meaning of existence, then got whacked in the back of the head with a frying pan and splattered into a corpus callosum of inter-combinant […]

The Mathematics of Hafiz

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Hafiz explained to us that, given Mr. Findley’s unexpected absquatulation to Costa Rica, he would be teaching the class for a little while. Then he let go of a stack of books from about eighteen inches off the desk and when they landed the sound they made was so big it damn near blew the back wall of the room off. After the dust settled, he winked at us. “Mr. Findley,” he said, “was the […]