Drummed, Holy

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All our assumptions were wrong.
The strangest part
is realizing we always knew this,
even in the hour of our deepest pain.

We’re like a secret of the universe
that wandered through the trees
to a scenic overlook and stood slack-jawed
peering into a crevasse full of stars and comets
choreographing the meaning of existence,
then got whacked in the back of the head
with a frying pan
and splattered into a corpus callosum of
inter-combinant reverberations.

Now we’re each whipping back and forth
past and through one another like
a wave packet of space-blurred special effects,
each of us in a state of constant acceleration
with our stomachs clenched
in our own little tonal vehicles,
thinking separately but all at once,
How did this happen?
I’m gonna’ find out who did this,
and I’m gonna’ fix ’em.

Keep in mind, that’s just one approach.

Hafiz hopped into my orbit once,
just as smooth as the seventh day,
like living in bouncy houses
was perfectly natural for
quantum rubber bands of awareness like us,
and told me another one–
something very wink-wink about how
a holy drum in the hand of God
just loves to be struck,
doesn’t it?

I got to thinking then.
Who knows…
we might even be a tambourine.

Someone really good at signal theory
and Fourier Transforms really ought
to get to the bottom of this.

* * * * *


    • “The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things if you look at it right…” What I find amazing sometimes is that we’re at the point in our theorizing where we’ve found the fabric of the world is an underlying dynamic mess of “VIRTUAL” jiggling things no one can detect that sometimes spill over into becoming part of the mess of “REAL” jiggling things for an instant, and then melt back into the undetectable, unless another “REAL” jiggling thing interacts with it, and then it’s hooked, and you have the bootstrapping of nothing into something…

      Feynman’s enthusiasm is contagious, isn’t it? 🙂



    • Great stuff. I watched once for spoken content and once muted just to enjoy the delight of a great mind which was expressed in the hands of an artist. The movement of his hands was such an expressive dance of great beauty and passion. I LOVE HUMAN HANDS. I love this share!

      M- Inspirational post made by one with hands that I am sure were just as expressive at the keyboard. 🙂 -x.M


  1. “All our assumptions were wrong.” Perfect beginning .. and, ’nuff said. Brings to mind Yeats in Funeral Blues, “I thought that love would last forever, I was wrong.” I’ve been finding your comments interesting .. glad now to arrive at your blog… So, it begins… — Elizabeth


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