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Witnessing One’s Self

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The places within us that are not yet healed, and have not yet been dissolved into the pure and guiltless and shameless and never-confounded substance of being, are like movie stars, and the events of the lives we lead the flash bulbs of a traveling horde of annoying paparazzi.  Our wounded places simply can’t avoid them—can’t get a break.  Offstage, without their make-up on, these stars just want to be left alone.  Can we not […]

Trending Towards Holiness

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At the tail end of this last week I came down with a pretty decent sinus cold, my third in about four months.  I invite you to listen to the voices with me, some inner, some outer…  Taking vitamins?  Getting enough rest?  Gotta’ be stress-related.  Your system is weak.  You need more balance in your life.  I take [insert the product here] and I never get sick.  You should probably get more exercise.  You’re not […]

Beyond Ethics. Beyond Temptation. Beyond Suffering. (Part 3)

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Nearly fifteen years ago I took a six month class on the life and teachings of Walter Russell.  (If you don’t know of Walter, it is worth taking a moment to scan this quick bio.)  Walter was an amazing person, (like you and I), who among other things created a home study course entitled A Course in Cosmic Consciousness.  The group in which I participated met once a month for an eight hour session to […]

Moving Beyond Ideals

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One of the principal aims of the Course of Love is to put us in position to respond freely to what is, to be in ongoing and dynamic relationship with all that is, and to move altogether beyond self concepts.  Concepts are images- ideals and patterns.  What lies beyond all of our conceptual selves, is the true Self that we are…  Right now…  Jesus speaks with a sense of urgency in many points of the […]

True Devotion

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If you have ever felt the presence of Jesus as he slips within your heart to offer you His embrace, which is to say, if you have ever felt Love completely fill the hollow of your being until you overflowed, which is to say, if peace has ever expanded the silence between your thoughts into a silent compassion for all that exists- then you have experienced the marrow from which all beings arise.  You have […]

Is Acceptance a Perpetuation of Suffering?

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If you are on a spiritual path- a path to awakening, a path to acceptance of the Christ within you and within everyone else and within all that is, eventually you will have a high noon showdown with the following paradox.  To be awake is to know that the ever-changing expressions of Love that collectively are Creation do not simply ‘happen to’ us.  They are not foisted upon us by a wrathful Creator.  Nor are […]

Chasing the Wind

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The village in which I have lived my whole life is nestled along the coast.  It is full of sun and figs and light breezes.  Beyond our little harbor there is a great sea that stretches to the horizon and extends beyond the borders of the known world.  No one has ever found the End.  As children we used to go up on the roofs of our parent’s houses on calm spring days with baskets […]

Arguing Your Case

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In order to escape your prison, you will have to argue your case.  No one can argue it for you. I’ve got a hearing coming up- Docket 249 in the Court of Self Appeals- and I’m getting antsy.  I can tell you it’s no cake walk.  I’m prowling around this cage like a tiger fresh off the jungle, drowning myself in images of freedom that induce feelings of freedom, that induce tears one instant, and […]

Setting Yourself Aside

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Strange.  Strangely familiar, I mean, this coming back.  It’s a lurching free-fall and a hot cup of tea all at once.  At first I don’t recall ever enrolling in this University of Unceasing Joys, but then my feelings and memories, even my very identity and my deepest sense of Self, snap back into their real shape, like that shape memory polymer when you heat it back up. I’m taking one of two required semesters of […]

We Wait Only on Ourselves

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We are on “a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.”  We are, in other words, on a journey of inner transformation.  There is nowhere for us to go, because in Truth we have never left our Home in God, but our experience tells us otherwise.  Our experiences of our separated state- moments marked by or laden with fear in any of its forms- are painful, and contrasted with the deeply buried […]