True Devotion

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If you have ever felt the presence of Jesus as he slips within your heart to offer you His embrace, which is to say, if you have ever felt Love completely fill the hollow of your being until you overflowed, which is to say, if peace has ever expanded the silence between your thoughts into a silent compassion for all that exists- then you have experienced the marrow from which all beings arise.  You have experienced your unbroken Reality.  And…(!)  I would be willing to wager that inside of that emptied-out becoming, you have understood that the words “there is plenty of This for Everyone” doesn’t even begin to communicate the richness of which we all partake.

When I think of Jesus, He is there.  And I recognize that in His answering my invitation, no one else is deprived.  (I think, actually, that as we welcome Him, something is added unto.)  That He can be Everywhere, I have no doubt.  Call this Peace.  Call this Love.  Call this Grace.  Call this what Is.  Thinking upon this unanimity of Christ, this everywhere and everywhen of His giving, and of the depth of Love’s commitment to every being, I am continually forced to explode my concept of what it means to be a being…

Here is an example I like to think about: where does this Presence end, and the ‘me’ begin?

* * * * *

I know He is everywhere, but I like to visit Him in His office.  We meet once a week in the morning, around nine.  I sit with Him, and share thoughts that arise within me- the ones that are drawn forth by His Presence.  We meet in an inner space that is heart-warming and jovial.  We laugh.  Sometimes we talk and other times we fill a silence so colorfully that words don’t matter.  Sometimes I squirm in my chair like a butterfly larva, uncertain of the meaning of this becoming, this breaking open.

Earlier today I pushed open the door to His office precisely at nine.  I was filled with a joyous anticipation for our next encounter.  He was looking out the window, and when He turned I realized it wasn’t Him.  Instead, there was a woman seated in His chair.  She said Her name was Elizabeth.

I don’t like to admit it, but I was slightly put off at first.  This was my time with Him.  I reacted- quickly, without thought or consideration- as if something was missing.  I (thought that I) knew it wouldn’t be the same without Him.  I was hesitant with the sharing of my thoughts, uncertain having just met Elizabeth, and I began with a nervous question, the small kind that you begin with when you think you are in the presence of a stranger.

“How did you meet Him?” I asked.  What I really wanted to ask was, “Where is He?”

Thoughts I did not utter began to tumble around inside of me, like old, soggy shoes tossed in the clothes dryer.  He must have known Her a long time, I thought, to have sent Her in his stead.  She must be very close to Him.  I would like that to be me one day…

Then She spoke, as if She had always known me.  Very simply, She asked me who I thought She was.  When She spoke, I recognized a Presence that could call flowers from the ground, that could wink and cause a star to touch off in a remote part of the galaxy, but my faith and my willingness was tiny.

“I don’t know,” I replied, stumbling, thinking at the time that I was being honest.  Had we not just met?

She laughed softly.  Her laughter had an ease, and a joining, as if it had come from within me, and I broke open.  It was clear to see: She possessed a Love that encompassed all things.  She felt just like Him.  My guard simply vanished.

There is a nameless Recognition available in every encounter.  We, who think the world is full of differences, have mistaken the symbol for the Reality.

* * * * *

“While one special relationship continues, all special relationships continue because they are given validity.  The holy relationship of unity depends on the release of the beliefs that foster special relationships.”  (A Course of Love, 2nd ed., 25.11)

* * * * *

Christ dwells within each of us.  This is the essence of His, and Our, unanimity.

Devotion is the practice of finding Him everywhere that He is.

* * * * *

A day is cloudy not because the sun has dimmed, but because some bit of cloud has drifted into the space between Source and Receiver.  Our journey is towards cloudlessness, that we might see the Truth that has taken up residence in all that is.


  1. “…a silent compassion for all that exists.” Would it not be a good thing if all people experienced such compassion? This short quote from your writing here, when analyzed by readers, may hold much more significance than a quick glance will allow. I have read most of A Course in Miracles and found the text overwhelmingly profound. We recommend ACIM often. It is literally impossible, given the indescribable beauty of the writings, to not recommend reading it. Best of luck to you brother. Any dissemination of ACIM is powerful. Thank you.


    • Thank you for reading, Jerry. I do think it is possible for our world to change as a result of people discovering peace within. It feels like the solution we haven’t really tried yet. I am often part of the “yes, but…” crowd myself on this one, thinking that although a lasting peace within may be the first step, it is surely just the enabling step, like actually turning the computer on, and that what we do with it next is what will produce real change.

      This notion of doing something with peace is the sticky part, (for me), though. It is awfully hard to engage the world with a desired outcome in mind and not go down the path of trying to “fix things”. Pretty soon each of the well-intentioned world-changers has their pet issue that needs to be solved, that one abominable concern that simply must get undone at whatever cost, and we are fractured once again.

      I hope it doesn’t seem as if I’ve put words in your mouth- which I didn’t intend to do. The question just carried me away briefly. Yes, I think that experiencing peace and compassion within is a good thing! As we do this, each in our own heart, you can almost hear the celestial tumblers falling into place…



  2. I’ve never heard of the celestial tumblers before. Now I have to get your interpretation of what they are! As I’m not up on the email lingo I believe LOL means laugh out loud. Just got a computer about a year ago. Being a babe in the woods here at WordPress maybe you can help me and recommend a good blog or two that are run by elders say age 65 or older. These men and women have the life experience and wisdom that I respect and would like to read about. Any suggestions? Thanks. Jerry


    • Hi Jerry, sorry for the late response. I’ve been away traveling for work and just am getting caught up. I have posted here a couple of blogs I’ve enjoyed reading. I’m not sure they meet your criteria, but I’ve enjoyed them and you may, too. There are so many good ones out there, and I am always reading inspiring words that make me laugh or smile. More than anyone could keep track of. So, there’s not a dearth out there, there are many!

      I wish you success in finding those writers and readers whose tumblers will click into place with your own…







    • Thank you, Tanveer, for bringing me back to this writing from a few years ago. I’m glad you resonated with it, and it was interesting to be reminded of what I had once written… Blessings, Michael

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