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A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III

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My days are no longer numbered. That’s one thing I’ve noticed. And I feel okay about being up this creek without a paddle. I’m even starting to think whatever it is I don’t know is probably the best part, and always will be. Today, I must confess, the full moon cracked me like a nut, and I wasn’t the only one. For a while we were floundering. All of us. Working up a righteous indignation […]

Grinding Down

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Christ / Course Ideas

I haven’t picked up A Course of Love for a while, but picked it up again the other day and flipped to a “random” section.  I ended up opening to a page that was late in the Treatise on the Personal Self, which is a section of the Course describing the way in which the personal self becomes a living representation of the True Self—the latter being the identity we all share in unity.  Through […]

Keep Your Mask in the Water

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Experience is our point of interface with Love. It’s the reason and the method- the locus where it all compiles and dimensions squeeze together to share a place at the Table, bending through and around one another to share witness to a holy performance. * * * * Snorkeling comes to mind. The joy of snorkeling is the navigation of the seam between two worlds- the occupying of both and neither, peering deep within from […]