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A New Color of Thought

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Christ / Course Ideas / Science

I have had a longstanding interest in both science and spirituality, and since I don’t even know what these words mean anymore, let’s just call it a longstanding interest in desiring to know and understand the experience you and I have found ourselves within.  This process of coming to know has been alive within me since early days, and it has been fueled by my daily encounters with a broken world, with a self whose […]

Symptoms of the Perfection That Is

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Christ / Course Ideas

The question in my heart today is this: what is possible? That is actually a poor translation of what is in my heart, because this simple question is so abstract it permits responses like, what is possible… ever?  And the answer then is… well… anything, I suppose… This is not the question.  I am not filled with a question about what might happen in places and times so remote from where we stand today as […]

Thank God…

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Creative / Poetry

We were born adrift, resilient beads of awareness shimmering on a high sea, buoyant. Sparkling. No land in sight. The residue of saturated space- meaning that cooling Emptiness could no longer hold in solution, dew drops from the Night’s sold out Vacancy, falling, caught – splat!- upon a blank canvas. No land in sight. We were all swaddling vulnerabilities, nascent and curious Futures-in-Training, fields of Potential whose every vector pointed away from a singular Discontinuity: the […]

Something Else

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Christ / Poetry

A darkening horizon at midday, swelling thunderheads, a green tinge, and muffled light. A question blown like sand over a cliff. An equilibrium turning inside out. A suspicion of trains, coal, and rust. A nail, old, once surrounded by skin, encompassed by pulsing blood and heat, alive in the minds of men, an artifact of purpose, now pitted and worn, clinging to creosote,  earth, and wood. A decaying uncertainty. A man, miles away, brow knitted. […]

The Inevitability of Seamlessness

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In the seamless life, Loving and everything else are indissolubly joined. We are not splintered, or fragmented- not from our selves, not from one another, not from what is. We do not endure stretches of mundane, obligatory experiences in order to earn the right to partake of transitory, joyous interludes. There are no gaps between the dreams we share and the world we inhabit. No sacrifices are asked of us. No compromises demanded. We are […]

I’m Trying To Tell You Something…

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Last night the Beloved and I changed the Rules of Engagement: I agreed to stand quietly and listen. She agreed to do do the rest. She blindfolded me. She rolled me up in a sail that came with its own ocean. She hung me upside down from the ceiling- (you know, like a carcass)- and pulled the plug. The door latched behind her as She left the room. Click. My concepts took their cue and spilled […]

A Heart in Bloom

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Christ / Creative

The banana yellow 1960 Impala convertible drifted to a stop about ten feet from my front porch.  The top was down and Hafiz was perched behind the steering wheel, motionless as a statue, wearing an over-sized floral shirt, an Oakland Raiders ballcap turned backwards, and a pair of mirrored sunglasses.  Near as I could tell he was staring straight down the boulevard, waiting, as if I knew what the hell was going on and would […]

Of Mountain-Moving and Relationship

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Course Ideas

There is a scripture passage in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 17:20) wherein Jesus tells the people (that would be us) that moving mountains, by simply telling them to move, is entirely possible if we but had the faith of the mustard seed.  And while A Course in Miracles is quite remote from being a how-to text on exercising various powers, such as mentally sculpting the Earth’s contours or levitating above really large bodies of […]

The Art of Filling Space

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Christ / Creative

The other day a Messenger came to my home with a certified letter.  I happened to be standing at the window of my apartment, roughly a hundred feet above street level, aimlessly observing the Saturday AM shuffle of humanity down below when he arrived.  He glanced up from the street right at me, as if he knew exactly which unit I was in, and of course I had no idea  his arrival had anything to […]

A Possibility That Never Began

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I don’t know if you’ve ever imagined a state of complete and total nothingness- a field of emptiness without form or time, and most importantly, without any speck of awareness at all.  It is hard enough to imagine being formless, but this is beyond formlessness.  This is not being at all, which can be even harder to envision.  This is picturing Nothing. This Nothing could go on forever, right?  But I’m not that patient, so […]