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Arguing Your Case

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In order to escape your prison, you will have to argue your case.  No one can argue it for you. I’ve got a hearing coming up- Docket 249 in the Court of Self Appeals- and I’m getting antsy.  I can tell you it’s no cake walk.  I’m prowling around this cage like a tiger fresh off the jungle, drowning myself in images of freedom that induce feelings of freedom, that induce tears one instant, and […]

Daring to Think Competently

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When I read Bucky Fuller, I tend to laugh out loud in joy at least once per page.  I’m a geek, yes- that is surely a contributing factor to this physiognomic response- but it is the joy of recognizing Bucky’s mind that really sets into motion the cascading processes that result in air being fired from my lungs in short bursts.  His writing bristles with intelligence, connection, humility and honesty.  One reason I enjoy reading […]