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Our Quantum Heart

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Course Ideas / Poetry

What we are… is invisible, alive, dancing— an incandescence of possibilities whirling through the dark, flickering— always one step ahead of the pin— from one instant to the next, traversing chasms between worlds, discarding moments that flutter softly to the ground like feathers pinched in the closing doors of our fractured timelines. What we are… is immobile but forever growing, forever reaching out, fruit-bearing and branched, a tree whose upper-and-lower, inner-and-outer limbs snake through the […]

Beauty Revisioned

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Course Ideas / Science

A pitfall in our thinking is the notion that there is a fixed place at which we are destined to arrive- (I can’t avoid noting the obvious link between the terms destiny and destination)- a condition to realize that will be immune to change, an ideal state to occupy or embody.  Alas, there is not.  At the same time, I do think the Truth is constant.  Identity, properly construed, is constant.  I think that we […]