Our Quantum Heart

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What we are…
is invisible,
an incandescence
of possibilities
whirling through
the dark,
always one step ahead
of the pin—
from one instant to the next,
traversing chasms between worlds,
discarding moments
that flutter softly to the ground
like feathers
pinched in the closing doors
of our fractured timelines.

What we are…
is immobile
but forever growing,
forever reaching out,
fruit-bearing and
a tree whose
inner-and-outer limbs
snake through the
many-surfaced skies
of probability,
some here,
some there.

You and I,
we’ve looked right at It
without comprehending.
We’ve taken the quantum opiate.
We’ve heard about the particle
that became two
without ceasing to be one,
but still added up to none,
and we haven’t understood.
We’ve heard about the
spooky way realities collapse,
and doorways open,
but we haven’t realized:
every world spun off
from the spark-filled darkness
is a leaf blown free of the branch,
a frozen snapshot,
a lifeless image,
a withering perception
in which
What we are…
will never be caught.

We haven’t realized:
What we are…
isn’t showing off
by staying just out of reach,
by hiding behind worlds.
There are reasons for
every collapse and
holy cleaving.
We’ve forgotten, you see,
what the particles
are too simple to reveal:
that every room
into which hatred enters
becomes empty,
is one in which
What we are…
will not be found.
Having already
left the building,
every such room
is left to the fate
of a feather falling lazily
out of the sky
and back into the fire.
It is violence
that cleaves
a world free of the tree
and leaves it in dissolution.
It is the perfect preservation
of the sacred
that causes moments
to be plucked from
our astounding bifurcating field of simultaneity
and dropped into frozen collapse.

But never worry,
we are always
one step ahead
of what we are not.
What we are…
has always pulled us
out of every false hope
and hate-filled act,
leaving not one drop behind,
just like the autumn sky
claims for It’s own
each year
every hint of green
from every fallen leaf.


  1. Fanciful cosmic dance here Michael. I’m glad we are always a step ahead of the hate and dissolution. I love the line ” dancing an incandescence of possibilities.”
    Keep on penning these poignant ponderings on the dance of life. XD

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  2. I almost collapsed and killed a cat reading this one Michael. Fortunately, I was one step ahead
    of what the cat was not, but which might have been. o_O

    P.S. Thank you for making such an eloquent stand against violence; we all ought try do the same.


      • I was simultaneously both in the forest alone, frantically clapping one hand and hearing nothing, whilst also elsewhere contemplating the fate of a cat, which was indeed in a box.

        Wanted: Dead and Alive – Someone who understands Quantum Theory.

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        • Quantum Mechanics is the koan that just keeps on keepin’ on. It’s like an inside joke of a virus that got injected into our modern logos that blows it apart, and invites a combination of surrender, exasperation, wonder, and very tight-lipped dialogue. I’ve come to the naive acceptance that whatever it is, it is precisely that which needs to be, in order that exactly what is happening could be what it must and can only be. Without it, for instance, there could be no life as we know it.

          Tea, anyone?


  3. I am always surprised by the frequency and the depth, but mostly by the trajectory, of your posts, MM. It makes me wonder how you straddle worlds – if indeed you are still driving to work and not bilocating or bifurcating from there 🙂 Somehow… m
    (I’m not quite sure that I was ready to be outed for the the quantum opiate, quite yet:)


    • Marga, you’ve put me in touch with something I’ve been trying to put my finger on lately, something it takes time to realize– a year or two or more of writing and reading one’s way across this virtual verbiscape, finding souls headed in the same direction, and striking up a conversation. And that is… we are influencing one another. Our orbits are modulating. I’m very appreciative of the time and consideration it takes to develop a sense of what you’re describing as trajectory, and you have sparked a tangible realization of what I’ve been experiencing. It is a delightful, and hopefully mutual, experience.

      Work is back in full bloom after the holiday. Friday there was the threat of snow, so I got up a little early to drive to a meeting at a client’s site. About halfway through the journey the route departs from the interstate, and that is about when the snow rolled in, and so I enjoyed an hour or so of caravan travel through a winter wonderland, (tracing asphalt ruts through wind-blown powder and trying not to let the break lights in front of you pull away too far into the mist). Visibility was limited, but it was through the forest, and as brake lights thinned out it was just a silent, white beauty all around.

      As regards that opiate aforementioned, it has very few known side effects, other than a propensity for believing anything could happen at just about any moment, and occasionally getting into heated arguments about Hilbert spaces and vector manifolds, the former of which I’m okay with for the time being. The latter of which I am obliged to sit out entirely. 🙂



      • There do seem to be orbits and influences – at a very spooky distance! 🙂 Thank you for calling it out; so much fun, the winter drive, the silent white beauty that we are all able to share with you. (I especially appreciate this glimpse for I am far from such experiences where I live in a physical sense, now. But as you say, with the realization that anything can happen…who knows? 😉


      • Slight orbital influence I happened to not mention…I wrote and then erased a line about the snow in your world in my reply, seeing you with the shovel in hand. I erased it because I thought of shoveling snow in my romantic vision as very zen-like, so the example didn’t fit with what I was saying. So when you mention your early morning snow wonderland in your reply, I feel the lack of separation of these intertwining unfoldings – as if you are responding with the image I had but failed to convey – that is what i mean by spooky 🙂


        • Spooky cool. I have an interesting history with snow shoveling. When I moved from Alabama to New England, from one end of the Appalachian Trail to the other, snow-blowing was originally kind of a novelty. Driving in snow and pushing it around seemed like a perfectly fun and interesting activity. But I’ve smartened up considerably since then. 🙂 It’s not nearly as Zen as you might imagine.

          Sometimes I write something and I see a word or a scene appear elsewhere, and I think, either we were tapping into the same field, or I read this the other day and forgot, and used it unconsciously. The lack of separation is wondrous to behold. Little reminders of our deep lurking participation in simultaneity are hidden surprises, like notes in your lunch bag from the Universe!



  4. Hello Michael,
    I hopped over from Linda’s reblog.. And so enjoyed your poem.. You understand perfectly our conception within this reality.. I hope we all make the Quantum leap back to our hearts..

    Blessings sent your way


    • Hi Sue!

      Thank you for dropping by… and for your recognition. We are making the leap, one holographic fractal step at a time! And of course a a few miracles sprinkled about here and there don’t hurt… 🙂


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      • With more unity of thought linked into our Hearts instead of ego’s we are the ones who are helping bring about those miracles..
        Keep on spreading your Light and love..


        • That’s the plan, Sue. It turns out it is the most natural thing in the world, no? Being who we are…? It does get submarined by various modern conventions and strategems, but once you tap into it, you keep coming back to see what else is in there!

          Blessings to you as well,


  5. Don’t know how you dropped by my blog, but am glad you did. Your poetry is simply astounding and so much a reflection of my thought. Look forward to journeying with you.


    • Thank you for the kind words. I don’t remember now either, come to think of it. An exploratory link to a link… Let’s just call it grace… 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your own poetry and writing as well…



  6. Thanks for your visit at preciousrhymes.net Michael. I came to visit today and feel like we’ve met before. Spent some time reading your poetry today. Wondered, reflected, enjoyed and wanted to say thank you before closing my blog walk for today 🙂
    Really loved these lines:
    “What we are…
    has always pulled us
    out of every false hope”
    How true, the heart always knows and leads us back home to our true selves!

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    • Thank you, PR! Looking forward to connecting further in the future…

      Yes, the quantum wanderer, dancing through realities, forever guided by the simplicity of the heart. I feel I have found another companion on the whirling journey.


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