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Seeing Through Seeing

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The wind is blowing softly, and just earlier today, three morning doves were nestled in the grass, their rounded faces poking up like a clan of bottle-tops drifting along together in a quiet green sea. We were watching from behind the window, and they were watching, too– each of us studying the way our own reflection was illumined by the vision of the other. We were all looking, blinking, beholding– when we touched hearts sweetly in a pane […]

The One Great Desire

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Once, when he was still learning his craft of ushering the anxious and doubtful from the shadows of falsehood to the river of poetry at the center of their own being, and in a well-intentioned effort to raise the general morale, Hafiz gave away two court-side seats to the Explosion of the Sun. Because, as we all know, sometimes having something to look forward to can make all the difference. In this particular case, the […]


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Course Ideas / Poetry

Some would say that faith is like a padded suit you put on because you’re too scared to face the obvious reality that your life is a swift, knee-scuffing blood-curdling tumble down a steep and rock-strewn escarpment towards the waiting gaping dark, ugly and hungry empty irreversible vacuum-powered inescapable abyss of non-existence. You’re afraid to die, they say. Some of those same ones would say there’s a real sweetness to the glimpses of wild flowers […]

Thank You Very Much

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Christ / Poetry

The simplest awareness is like this: an ocean. And then: Waves. Rhythm, or Wind. Light, translucence, and the empty sky. You and I, arising. This is all that has ever been. Hidden from view, a moon is cracked open– its yolk plopped into the ferment. Illusion is endorsement of the sensation that something Happened, and it stuck, and now we need to find out what It was. It is the locally embodied transient intoxicating ramshackle belief […]

A New Color of Thought

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Christ / Course Ideas / Science

I have had a longstanding interest in both science and spirituality, and since I don’t even know what these words mean anymore, let’s just call it a longstanding interest in desiring to know and understand the experience you and I have found ourselves within.  This process of coming to know has been alive within me since early days, and it has been fueled by my daily encounters with a broken world, with a self whose […]

A Fire Taffy Mind

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Christ / Poetry

Been ‘way fer a few days. Vizit’n friends… what I wish I could call it. Nope.  Cain’t say ‘at in good faith. Got me real serious like. Focus-al-“I”-zed, ye might say. All et once, yer walkin’ in a world o’ coloured glass. The whole thing’s a mirage, bunch o’ movin’ pitchures yer tryin’ like almighty hell to tame, to ketch hold o’ an’ shake some sense in’neh. An’ it jes crumbles in yer handz… Ye […]

Symptoms of the Perfection That Is

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Christ / Course Ideas

The question in my heart today is this: what is possible? That is actually a poor translation of what is in my heart, because this simple question is so abstract it permits responses like, what is possible… ever?  And the answer then is… well… anything, I suppose… This is not the question.  I am not filled with a question about what might happen in places and times so remote from where we stand today as […]

Look Snappy

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Creative / Poetry

We are interference patterns in the Mind of God. What I mean, is that a miracle emerges in every moment where our two (or three) waves intersect, where they merge for just an instant as they ripple along their way. Your wave is who you are, given freely into limitlessness. Our waves, our gifts of Self and Love, extend ever outwards, pass through one another, illuminating each to each, giving grace to grace, birthing patterns […]

Trending Towards Holiness

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Christ / Course Ideas

At the tail end of this last week I came down with a pretty decent sinus cold, my third in about four months.  I invite you to listen to the voices with me, some inner, some outer…  Taking vitamins?  Getting enough rest?  Gotta’ be stress-related.  Your system is weak.  You need more balance in your life.  I take [insert the product here] and I never get sick.  You should probably get more exercise.  You’re not […]

The Tribe of the Unknown Becoming

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Christ / Course Ideas

I began by thinking to myself, “I will log in and write a few words about what is happening.”  This is a reasonable stance for a first-year blogger.  And I could do that… if I actually knew what was happening.  But I don’t.  For a while now I’ve been developing an interpretive disability.  I see something.  I hear something.  But I can’t decide what it means.  I can’t tell if it’s a win or a […]