A Fire Taffy Mind

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Christ / Poetry

Been ‘way fer a few days.
Vizit’n friends… what I wish I could call it.
Nope.  Cain’t say ‘at in good faith.
Got me real serious like.
Focus-al-“I”-zed, ye might say.
All et once, yer walkin’ in a world o’ coloured glass.
The whole thing’s a mirage, bunch o’ movin’ pitchures
yer tryin’ like almighty hell to tame, to ketch hold o’
an’ shake some sense in’neh.
An’ it jes crumbles in yer handz…
Ye know it ‘cuz yer nothin’ but glass, too,
a brittle shell hopped up an’ bothered,
tryin’ ta’ find yer way back ta’ wherever you left off.
Out ‘ere on ‘et glass prairie you got nothin’.
One stray stone kicked off ‘et road’ll do ye in,
‘n ye know it.  One crack ken cleave you right open.
Leave nothin’ but a pile o’ shards ‘n dust.
But I know now, ‘et world ain’t real,
even tho’ ye ken wander ’round it long as ye like.
We’re fire, not glass, ‘n I left ‘et fire behind me some way how.
When I stepped outside it, my whole world
turn’d in’neh glass ghosts.
All I could see ‘z the outsides o’ things.
I hadta’ return to fire.
Get me real molten like.  Soft.
Get me ‘et taffy mentality back.
It’s tough’n all you ken see is glass.
Lucky I met this man once, tole’ me a secret,
said it ain’t really no secret ‘et all
once ye know it.
He tole’ me ta’ fetch m’self up a hill at sunset
‘n let ‘et starlight go straight in me.
Then he said, see what ye see next.
An’ I did, an’ I saw ‘et fire in everythin’.
Like ta’ like it flew, scatterin’ to every
point like a hall o’ mirrors ‘n magic,
like it was everywhere at once, an’ in me, too.
It bore right through me, set the
whole world sparklin’ an’ shinin’.
It warn’t me ‘zactly, but it
warn’t not me neither.  You cain’t say what.
You just know.
An’ et’s how I got back from where I ne’er wuz.

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