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The Power of Being Real

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I am pleased to announce that my short story Power was released this week in Issue 25 of the Ginosko Literary Journal. (For those of you who may be more inclined to listen to the story, I’ve also prepared an audio recording that you can stream or download.) This is a story about honesty, vulnerability and authenticity–qualities lacking in so much of the content that bombards us today. The images we encounter are cultivated with […]

Restitution (A Short Story)

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I’m pleased to share that my short story Restitution will appear in the pending Fall/Winter issue of the Tahoma Literary Review. I believe printed and digital copies will both be available for purchase next week, and meanwhile an audible version of the issue has been uploaded on the TLR Soundcloud page that is freely available. This was my first foray into making a voice recording of my writing, and I must confess a challenge. I owe […]

Stella’s Radio

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My short story “Stella’s Radio” was published this week by Delay Fiction. It’s a story about love and connection, about the awkwardness that sometimes attends the becoming of who we truly are, and about the way life’s circumstances can propel us into the open, out from the cover of normalcy and safety and little dreams. I didn’t know these things when I sat down to write it. A story begins with some little nudge of […]

A Writing Update: The Wheel Turns

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I’m taking a brief break from the What I Believe series to announce that my short story entitled On a Night in Shelby County was named as an Editor’s Pick in this year’s Literary Contest at Solstice Literary Magazine, and was posted this weekend. I also learned a couple of weeks ago that a story I wrote this spring was a named finalist in this year’s Fiction Contest at Salamander Magazine. So little by little, […]

A Few Stories By the Fire

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I am ever grateful to you who have given of your valuable time this year to lend the gift of your presence, and to share a moment or two with me here by the fire.  As a token of my heartfelt appreciation I have posted two new stories on the Fiction page today.  They are intended as gifts to you, and I hope if time and desire present themselves in equal measure, that you enjoy them.  I further […]

The Catharsis of Elroy Pontchartrain

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After fifty odd years of reckless living, things finally came to a head for Elroy Pontchartrain late on the afternoon of August 9th– a Tuesday.  The sun was blazing down upon all men equally that day, like a walk-in furnace advertisement, but this equanimity was hardly any consolation to Elroy whose access to reason was temporarily suspended for the duration of his personal apocalypse.  That was when the cycles aligned, when he finally rounded the corner […]

The Start of Something New

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I remember once when I was in third grade, sitting at a wooden desk in my bedroom and writing some kind of story on the sheets of a yellow legal pad that was more than loosely based on the Ewoks.  I don’t remember the plot now- I just remember sitting down and doing it.  Return of the Jedi made a large impression on me.  What can I say? I think in the fifth grade, with […]