A Few Stories By the Fire

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I am ever grateful to you who have given of your valuable time this year to lend the gift of your presence, and to share a moment or two with me here by the fire.  As a token of my heartfelt appreciation I have posted two new stories on the Fiction page today.  They are intended as gifts to you, and I hope if time and desire present themselves in equal measure, that you enjoy them.  I further hope that if the confluence of such proclivities do not naturally arise within you, that you feel absolutely free to leave the physical gifts untouched even as you receive the sentiment in its purest form, unadulterated by all of my words, which is what really matters.

Thank you, and best wishes for the coming year!



    • Last time I typed a ❤ here it made a heart…emotocon intended, not some cryptic message to confuse and perplex. Happy NEW M! -x.M


    • Maren! Your timing is extraordinary. I was just thinking yesterday and the day before I should sit down and send you a note, and then voila! Hope you are doing well and have a great New Year!

      Much Love

      PS – The heart worked…


    • Happy New Year to you also, Aleya, and best wishes for all your new ventures! Thanks for reading here this year. I am looking forward to hearing about your developments in the coming seasons.


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  1. Michael,
    I’m not done reading yet. The first story, the beginning of it, I cried A LOT. I’m admitting it openly here because you should know. The story about the mother and her passing… was intense and beautifully written.


    • Thank you, Ka. Very much. I appreciate your sharing that. It got a little windy in the room once or twice while I was working on it, too… Every once in a while you realize it’s not just all fiction– these feelings we have– and that they mean something, and they have a life and a movement, like the mathematician video (whose name I guess I never quite grasped?) when he came into contact with “who he was”.

      Thank you again for taking that time out of your day to read here, and for responding.


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      • Michael,

        Before we discovered each other here on WP, I had just found these old short stories I wrote (a day or two earlier). The characters, I had wondered what had happened to them since! Maybe I’m still wondering…

        Thank you, also. For I have really enjoyed sharing perceptions with you.


        P.S. His name is Ed Frenkel. We have another video now on the same thread posted by blogging sister, Sindy. You may already know her. Wow. This video is *really* about entanglement.


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