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Disarmament (Part 5) (of 5)

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This is the fifth and final chapter of this short foray into fiction.  Here is a link to the first for those who may wish to start at the beginning.  We’ll return to our normally scheduled programming shortly, which as you may well have surmised, means I have no idea what comes next.  Thank you so much for reading… * * * * * Thinking there was a distinction between what was Love and what […]

Unkempt, But Holy

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I’ve never really known quite what to do with my hair. Were I pressed upon by violent circumstances, fighting to defend the fort or preserve the realm, this would be of no account. Instead my life sprouts daily, like weeds in a field, matters of no consequence that require careful attention, a trained eye, and defensible motives– matters best handled, as the world well knows, by well-ordered professional-looking people who instill confidence in others and keep […]

On the Nature of Being Lost For Good

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Jesus has been known to suggest that one’s experience of our collective dream of separation is marked by an upside down, inside out view of things.  We experience Love… as bound up with our pain, or perhaps we are afraid of what Love would offer us.  We fear the things that offer us peace and eternal happiness, because of what we think they will cost us, and we are drawn into attachments with those things […]

Weather Report

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One thing I’ve been observing recently is the weather pattern of my psyche.  There are dominant feelings that arise and then linger like a slowly fading echo, serving as the backdrop to a strand of days.  It’s like visiting a foreign country.  You’re still you, but everything feels a little different at the same time.  This inner weather is always moving around, always shifting.  Unpredictable.  The weather of three weeks ago is long forgotten, but […]

A New Color of Thought

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I have had a longstanding interest in both science and spirituality, and since I don’t even know what these words mean anymore, let’s just call it a longstanding interest in desiring to know and understand the experience you and I have found ourselves within.  This process of coming to know has been alive within me since early days, and it has been fueled by my daily encounters with a broken world, with a self whose […]

The Redemptive Move

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Sometimes a day arrives in which the thing to do is just see what it has in store for you.  It’s a day free of obligations, a day book-ended by important affairs and thus inopportune for embarking on projects that must be finished once they’ve begun, a day on which taking stock means discovering how you really feel given the space to do so, a day for partaking of simple pleasures.  I chose once, on […]

A Present For Jesus

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Jesus’ birthday was here, and I wanted to get him something nice, but after three hours of slogging through one store after another, I was bogging down a bit.  Okay- a lot.  I was desperate.  What’s he going to do with a leather coat?  Or a pair of fluorescent teal Nike Air Max Lebron X’s?  I couldn’t picture it.  Okay, ha!  I’m not that daft.  I wasn’t really thinking the material gift was the thing, […]

On the Nature of Power (Interlude)

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I have really enjoyed the recent flurry of activity I experienced here as we thought together about the word power, and all the tendrils wrapped inside of it, and sundry connected things.  I will be away for about a week and think I may not have access to Internet service without going to some extreme lengths.  In thinking about all of the feedback I’ve received, and what to leave this site with for the week, […]

The Tribe of the Unknown Becoming

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I began by thinking to myself, “I will log in and write a few words about what is happening.”  This is a reasonable stance for a first-year blogger.  And I could do that… if I actually knew what was happening.  But I don’t.  For a while now I’ve been developing an interpretive disability.  I see something.  I hear something.  But I can’t decide what it means.  I can’t tell if it’s a win or a […]

Looking Beyond Meaninglessness

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For nearly a fortnight this little outpost in the electronic landscape has been a purveyor of radio silence- a dot of ink indistinguishable from the backdrop of the night sky.  Only an expert in this tiny slice of the night sky would have noticed the absence of a star in the heavens, the one eclipsed by my corpuscle blot of quiet.  Jesus, for instance, standing in a meadow beneath the night sky, observing the vast, banded […]