Unkempt, But Holy

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I’ve never really known
quite what to do with my hair.
Were I pressed upon by
violent circumstances,
fighting to defend the fort
or preserve the realm,
this would be of no account.
Instead my life sprouts daily,
like weeds in a field,
matters of no consequence
that require careful attention,
a trained eye,
and defensible motives–
matters best handled,
as the world well knows,
by well-ordered
professional-looking people
who instill confidence in others
and keep reasonable hours.
But my heart is both
a starry-eyed beast
whose power trembles
along the seams between worlds
and calls down the lightning, and
the naked maiden who rides
on the beast’s great shoulders,
chased each night by the moon,
whose tears nestle into the ground
and sprout at dawn into
ever needed.

You can see plainly our dilemma.

I’ve made my decision.
That makes
this bizarre mop of
sculpted dervish cowlicks
a subversive antenna:
in case I get lost in here
running errands
or fetching documents,
my heart can zap me from
its hiding place
in the hills just outside of town
and remind me to scribble
that poem on the wall already
and then get the hell out of there.
Run through the corridors
with visions of holy longing in your eyes
and don’t look back, it says.
Come home to me.


  1. Ok… it is now moving back into the fun and spooky territory of one thought with this being just watched YESTERDAY as I was thinking about hair…




      • Mirror mirror on the wall…

        Gracious the gorgeousness coiffure of THE M(s) !!!

        So the M of Ms Marga, what were the resources you were looking at on psychic /Samson hair? Are they on line? Can you link so we can follow the trail of to the one front door?

        So excellent I can hardly stand it.

        We are never not there with each other when we remember. (However “here” -meaning right in front of my nose- better get back to cleaning my house for the visits coming home! Inside me with you and Michael, but at the moment outside as well…my Dad arrives tomorrow and then on Tue I leave for 6 weeks of work again).
        Where are you Ms Marga? Always with me. xxx



        • The Letter M looks like a butterfly to me – and today, I get to watch them fluttering and landing on the same branches to say hi. To be writing here at the same time in the crazy swirly way these days do flow on Michael’s amazing musing does give me the happy goose bumps! And the tear tucks connect a bit with the gift of such an internalized connection – feeling loved. This hair talk occurs as Ese, my main man, sits beside me on my grading marathon day, cleaning his antennae with such care 🙂 He is so happy to know he has a friend in Luke! Note to follow, though it won’t catch you at home, i guess! 🙂
          Little distractions help me go from essay to essay with a fresh mind, but I am also needing to “get back to work”!
          Much joy sent to you for your clean home and beautiful family visits and travels! There is motion in the field for several setting intentions to make it westward in September…in case you are feeling those motions 🙂
          Sorry for the hijack, Michael! I’ll wind down now…..I cannot vouch for the material, but this is one spot that had my attention yesterday: http://www.quantumbalancing.com/spiritualhair.htm
          And the sniff test was sensing truths buried within – the Samson tale alone points, for sure! I also had been wondering after showing a film in class based on Sherman Alexi’s writing in which the main character, a Coeur d’Alene Native American, cuts his hair in rage, an act that took on much weight, as culturally they alluded to the power in the hair. Such mysteries and wonders! xxoo to M and M from M!


      • The love of a N contributes this to the conversation as we were just THE DAY BEFORE discussing in the car a few beard hairs that when seen in profile were seeming to be going rouge in growing direction. This conversation ended with the visor mirror, scissors on the pocket knife and laughing at cosmic aerial potentials. 🙂 -x.M


      • ~meredith says

        Okay… two fantastic shorts. Too funny! Have you ever thought about Albert Einstein’s hair? Uh huh…


  2. I was just reading yesterday, a reminder about the hair being an extension of our nervous system – and a key to lost psychic abilities – and then today i get a mental image of you taking to the caves in the hills – scratching out your poetry on the walls by firelight as your antennas grow out from face and scalp. (I got to glimpse the progression of our common friend Ik as he went from short-haired science professor to a tall tower of lock connection in a matter of years:) Go brother, I shout down the corridors as you breeze by 🙂 So Avatar; are you turning blue, too? The veil is thin, the doubt is lifting, fairy tales and magic worlds shimmer into full view. How boring was the balance sheet, the expectations met, the prescription pad life? Always such a treat, such a great break from my work, to visit over here!


  3. Oh my! I am definitely in the right club.

    How coincidental that for the first time in 15 years I am so desperate for a good hair cut for my bad hair that I made an appointment at some foofoo hair salon?

    Oh Marga! The hair as an extension of our nervous system? That explains my whole life! 🙂

    My speed reading teacher in high school told me, “it’s not your hair that’s curly, it’s your head.”

    Safe travels M!

    Hugs to all with a special shout out to Michael for hosting the party this time.


    • Lovely sister of the “mind of it’s own hair” (mine is a curly mess when it is short…the weight of length keeps it tamer)…I can wholeheartedly recommend on Amiee Zimmerman at XO Salon in Portland. She specializes in curly hair. I see her twice a year (although the last two times I have added lighter brown highlights to bridge the gray into more gracefully joining of the party on the head…I am on the fence related to the real dye choices 🙂 ) Kat B’s recommendation sums it up: http://www.yelp.com/biz/xo-salon-portland

      A HUGE thanks to Michael for letting us abscond off with a bit of reply real estate. We lades love you 🙂 . Gracious host. Gracious host.



      • You ladies have hearts of gold, are loved in return, and are welcome anytime. 🙂

        I did watch the Marie Antoinette video and thoroughly enjoyed the historical info. How cool that hair was adorned with little charms and notions describing the mood of the day. It is amazing how styles evolve and change and then circle back again.

        Being style-less, I am somewhat immune to these seasons, thank goodness… I did get a hair cut this morning actually, so the synchronicities of this post just never end.



  4. I feel as though I have been visited by a whirlwind of grace and friendship. What a blessing! This virtual tribe has warmed my heart and stunned me entirely with the hair antenna ref’s. My split ends are buzzing…

    This post began to a certain extent with my gracing a local breakfast establishment after going on a morning stroll, hoping the wool cap and forty minutes of very mild cardio would somehow tamp down my bed head. The wool cap was actually a necessity, as New England enjoyed a late frost last night, and the wind was out this morning to boot. I don’t think the skull cap quite worked, but I wasn’t denied service… Little acts of treason like this- foregoing the morning grooming rituals before embarking into the world- help reinforce the reality of taking a few days off. But I had no idea it would lead to this… 🙂 The universe is joyously inexplicable.

    I hadn’t heard about hair being an extension of the nervous system, but I do know that Native Americans of many tribes would be averse to letting their hair slip into the wrong hands. There is some power or connection that travels with the shorn locks… Quantum entanglement on a human scale…



  5. ~meredith says

    Run through the corridors
    with visions of holy longing in your eyes
    and don’t look back, it says.
    Come home to me…



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