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Entrenched in Remembering

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Course Ideas

For the past six weeks I’ve been entrenched in the birth throes of an industrial project, feeling myself slowly succumb to its eye-dimming cocktail of fatigue and necessity.  I’ve been watching myself sigh in the hallway, crack jokes over the intercom, eat meals with forks unable to spear anything that wasn’t already mashed, and enter a stupor of gratitude when the person beside me stepped out of the darkness carrying a solution– something half-corroded with wires […]

Beam Splitting Wholeness

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Our perspective of the world underwent an abrupt overhaul with the development and experimental validation of quantum mechanics, and like whorls in a cloud chamber flung from the site of a detonated photon, a legion of metaphysics spun-off from the diverse array of interpretations and suppositions the field inevitably engendered.  I remember, vaguely, when I read The Dancing Wu Li Masters while taking high school physics.  It was a sufficiently beautiful experience to propel me […]

A Leaky Heart

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I remember once when I was a boy, wondering if my knee would ever heal.  A baseball slide on hard-packed dirt had torn it open.  Then I had fallen off a bike.  Mashed it into the ground in a soccer game.  Made a heroic dive across the playground during PE.  Every few days, the same.  Finally, infection set in, and with it came the reality of an uncertain outcome.  The improvement from one day to […]

Why I’m Not a Mystery Writer

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Since the invention of night vision goggles, you kind of have to wonder if the whole “Thief in the night theory” will hold up. I mean, we’ll see Him coming from a mile away. That could never work. Can you imagine? A safe cracker with a bootleg copy of the Plans to your Heart strolling down your front walk in clear darkness?  Ha! What’s He going to do? Knock on the door and ask to […]

The Tribe of the Unknown Becoming

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I began by thinking to myself, “I will log in and write a few words about what is happening.”  This is a reasonable stance for a first-year blogger.  And I could do that… if I actually knew what was happening.  But I don’t.  For a while now I’ve been developing an interpretive disability.  I see something.  I hear something.  But I can’t decide what it means.  I can’t tell if it’s a win or a […]

Something Beyond Thinking Right

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The Truth is True.  That we can say for sure.  Beyond that, it gets kind of prickly.  Consider, for instance… …when a being who has latched onto a thought that is out of accord with the Truth is enjoying a period of relative satisfaction, expansion, and accomplishment in the world, it might be noted by some that things are going well, and concluded by others that a general condition of harmony must therefore reign in […]