Why I’m Not a Mystery Writer

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Christ / Poetry

Since the invention of night vision goggles,
you kind of have to wonder if the whole
“Thief in the night theory” will hold up.
I mean, we’ll see Him coming from a mile away.
That could never work.
Can you imagine?
A safe cracker with a bootleg copy
of the Plans to your Heart
strolling down your front walk
in clear darkness?  Ha!
What’s He going to do?
Knock on the door and ask
to come inside?
Does He think we’re that naive?

just for fun one time
I played this whole scenario
out in my mind,
and when I got to the part
where He gets out the stethoscope
and starts slowly spinning the
numbered dial on the inside of my chest,
I heard Him say, “Why
wouldn’t I just enter the combination?”
Good point, I thought.
One probably would do that,
if One knew the combination.

You can see why I’m not a
Mystery writer.
Obviously I would
keep that information hidden
and wouldn’t give it away freely
to random safe crackers
wandering around inside of me
during all parts of the night.
I actually respect my readers
and know they would never
believe a scene as lame as this one.

This whole theory about
Thieves in the night…
it just doesn’t play well
in our Modern Era.


  1. Already knowing the ending makes the playing out of scenarios so interesting, itself, perhaps. Your heart has already been won and now we see how the wooing went. Which auditorium did you pick this time – the aliens, the astroid, the trumpets, the knocking on the door of the heart, the 4 horses? So exciting! I just love my visits over here in Michael land; hope you don’t mind me playing after curfew on the swings 🙂


    • Yes, I am a little chagrined to admit I was wooed by an intruder with gleaming eyes, dressed in a black get-up and wielding a stethoscope. I always envisioned it happening a little differently. I am learning to get over it, however, as the quality of this Love is revealed. I call this pragmatism. We forget all about style points once we remember where this is all headed. You are always welcome in Michael land, and a delight to have visit, but I should tell you, the field behind the jungle gym is crawling with Thieves.



  2. So much generosity. Giving the thieves what they want, they don’t know what to do now they don’t have to steal it…


    • 🙂

      Right. It was a bit awkward at first. I made tea. We stayed up talking for hours. I had no idea he’d been casing the place since the day I moved in… Very patient, this One.



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