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Beam Splitting Wholeness

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Our perspective of the world underwent an abrupt overhaul with the development and experimental validation of quantum mechanics, and like whorls in a cloud chamber flung from the site of a detonated photon, a legion of metaphysics spun-off from the diverse array of interpretations and suppositions the field inevitably engendered.  I remember, vaguely, when I read The Dancing Wu Li Masters while taking high school physics.  It was a sufficiently beautiful experience to propel me […]

A Fire Taffy Mind

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Christ / Poetry

Been ‘way fer a few days. Vizit’n friends… what I wish I could call it. Nope.  Cain’t say ‘at in good faith. Got me real serious like. Focus-al-“I”-zed, ye might say. All et once, yer walkin’ in a world o’ coloured glass. The whole thing’s a mirage, bunch o’ movin’ pitchures yer tryin’ like almighty hell to tame, to ketch hold o’ an’ shake some sense in’neh. An’ it jes crumbles in yer handz… Ye […]

That Sacred Something…

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Each of us has a flight data recorder housed in the deepest recesses of our being. In a commercial jetliner, the flight data recorder is a physical object capable of receiving and storing the facts of every flight. It has a part number. It has physical dimensions. It is manufactured somewhere. It can be damaged, broken or lost. It is but a crude caricature of the real thing. In a human being, the flight data […]