Month: May 2013

The Heart’s Proximity

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Christ / Creative

I can remember my Heart.  It was not a blood-pumping battery of striated, biochemical filaments.  It was a star.  I can remember it was all I ever had- all I ever knew or needed.  It was not the kind of star that you see in the heavens that burn so hot all forms dissolve in their embrace.  It was the kind of star you could hold in the palm of your hand, and watch its […]

True Devotion

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If you have ever felt the presence of Jesus as he slips within your heart to offer you His embrace, which is to say, if you have ever felt Love completely fill the hollow of your being until you overflowed, which is to say, if peace has ever expanded the silence between your thoughts into a silent compassion for all that exists- then you have experienced the marrow from which all beings arise.  You have […]

The Restoration of Perfection

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Christ / Course Ideas

Sometime around the third grade I must have read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  Shortly thereafter I was at a friend’s house, and our game of Monopoly had basically ground down to that stage of painstaking, asymptotic approach to closure that takes three-quarters of the game play and offers one-tenth of the fun, when we began talking about whether or not our mental powers might be strong enough to forge […]

The Inevitability of Seamlessness

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In the seamless life, Loving and everything else are indissolubly joined. We are not splintered, or fragmented- not from our selves, not from one another, not from what is. We do not endure stretches of mundane, obligatory experiences in order to earn the right to partake of transitory, joyous interludes. There are no gaps between the dreams we share and the world we inhabit. No sacrifices are asked of us. No compromises demanded. We are […]

Vigilance, Tiny Gaps, and Freedom

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Christ / Creative

I was seated on a tall aluminum stool, in the middle of a high school gymnasium, at three in the morning.  I wore a silk beanie on my head from which there stood a single aplomado falcon feather, pointed straight up like an antenna.  My eyes were closed in concentration. Hafiz was seated opposite me on a stack of encyclopedias he had built just outside of the circle at midcourt.  In front of him stood […]

Breaking Clouds

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Christ / Creative

Unsure of how to proceed, the fabric of my inner experience the tattered banner of yet another failed self-concept, snapping and flapping in the rushing wind, I was washing dishes.  One by one.  Soak, scrub, wash, rinse, dry.  Repeat.  There was the hope that performing this activity manually, with ritual focus, would result in my being permeated by a bygone purity, one that would cool my smoldering core.  The dishwasher was a pace or two […]

Stricken (The Descent of Grace)

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Course Ideas / Creative

This past week I was shaken by an acute pain in my heart-soul-being.  Like a fever in the body, it began as a dull ache, but ramped up into a full blown grippe.  It was an inner aching that shook me to the core.  If you have felt this, you will know the attending symptoms- the way a ghostly pallor slides over the world like a sticky film, the way we withdraw ourselves into a […]

Of Endless Becoming

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Christ / Creative / Poetry

I can imagine a life after this one, in which I am the same, but different. I can sense the timelessness of Being- the possibility of not ending, of becoming a long vista of compassionate quietude, of hearing every Moment as it arises with simple clarity: because Love is a seashell placed over the Heart. but I can’t remember beginning or being born or ever having been anyone else. Somewhere, along this way, the being […]