Month: December 2013

The Start of Something New

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I remember once when I was in third grade, sitting at a wooden desk in my bedroom and writing some kind of story on the sheets of a yellow legal pad that was more than loosely based on the Ewoks.  I don’t remember the plot now- I just remember sitting down and doing it.  Return of the Jedi made a large impression on me.  What can I say? I think in the fifth grade, with […]

Keep Your Mask in the Water

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Experience is our point of interface with Love. It’s the reason and the method- the locus where it all compiles and dimensions squeeze together to share a place at the Table, bending through and around one another to share witness to a holy performance. * * * * Snorkeling comes to mind. The joy of snorkeling is the navigation of the seam between two worlds- the occupying of both and neither, peering deep within from […]

A Present For Jesus

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Christ / Creative

Jesus’ birthday was here, and I wanted to get him something nice, but after three hours of slogging through one store after another, I was bogging down a bit.  Okay- a lot.  I was desperate.  What’s he going to do with a leather coat?  Or a pair of fluorescent teal Nike Air Max Lebron X’s?  I couldn’t picture it.  Okay, ha!  I’m not that daft.  I wasn’t really thinking the material gift was the thing, […]

On the Nature of Power (Conclusion)

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Christ / Course Ideas

I have a confession to make, and it is related to the recent reflections on power.  The purpose of this blog is the transformation of the world.  This may seem naive, ambitious, ridiculous, inconceivable, prideful, or as I am coming to see it- perfectly reasonable and natural.  I should point out that I am in the camp of “two or more gathered in my name”, and don’t think that more than a handful of people […]

On the Nature of Power (Interlude)

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I have really enjoyed the recent flurry of activity I experienced here as we thought together about the word power, and all the tendrils wrapped inside of it, and sundry connected things.  I will be away for about a week and think I may not have access to Internet service without going to some extreme lengths.  In thinking about all of the feedback I’ve received, and what to leave this site with for the week, […]

On the Nature of Power (Part 2)

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Course Ideas

In the previous post I began an exploration of the theme of power, and in writing it, as so often happens, I discovered something.  These discoveries can’t really be put into words, because I probably had once read the words I wrote in one form or another, could recite the words, but had yet to inhabit the words, or to fully embody the words.  But I think it’s also important to note that in the […]

On the Nature of Power (Part 1)

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Christ / Course Ideas

The subject of power has been on my mind for a while, but I haven’t bore down and etched out my thoughts onto this electronic tablet.  My thoughts are various and contradictory, so this is one of those inner frontiers with the unknown for me.  I did pause to think that we’ve come a long way- from engraving stone tablets to tapping on hybrid plastic-metallic ones.  I was at a loss, however, to fully understand […]

Getting Right

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Creative / Poetry

It’s late in a long day. You know the ones. A few aches and pains are emerging: the backing is starting to show through the pile. Something wants to be slept off, rebooted, allowed to lose its way, permitted to dissolve, misplaced, or forgotten. That’s when Hafiz drops by unannounced, bubbly as a mountain spring, says, “Wanna’ go dancing?” Eyes roll… “You kidding me?” “Well,” he says, “it just seemed like you were starting to take […]