On the Nature of Power (Conclusion)

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I have a confession to make, and it is related to the recent reflections on power.  The purpose of this blog is the transformation of the world.  This may seem naive, ambitious, ridiculous, inconceivable, prideful, or as I am coming to see it- perfectly reasonable and natural.  I should point out that I am in the camp of “two or more gathered in my name”, and don’t think that more than a handful of people on planet Earth ever need to know that my personality exists for deep and widespread transformation to occur.  On the other hand, there are probably a handful to whom my existence and unique way of expressing what I feel, is vitally important- as the expression of certain others has been, is, and will be for me.

I can say this about my own contribution from the solid ground of knowing that none of us are moot points or irrelevant or even minor contributors.  None of us are role players.  Likewise, there are no superstars in this league of what is…  We are, each one of us, together, the unfolding of Creation.  We are each vital wholes within the Whole.  Without just one of us who is, we would be not merely different, but incomplete, and this cannot happen.  Ergo…

Having said that, I’m pretty lean on good answers for the reporters.  I don’t know what a transformed world will look like, for instance, only what it feels like.  I know this because I think we can feel it already, and we can feel it because it is real.  It is alive, and we are it’s shoots and blossoms.  I don’t know when it will fully flower, only that it is inevitable.  The seed has been planted and has taken root.  Also, vis-a-vis the reporters, I don’t have a plan to “get there”, or a schedule, a budget, or a slogan.  I am neither waiting patiently, nor taking decisive action.  I’m trying not to think about “here to there” at all, actually.  I’m not even sure we’re not there, but this isn’t an exercise in mental gymnastics, and none of us will be satisfied with staking claim to inhabiting a state of anointed grace on a technicality.  This isn’t the domain of instant replay, and we blew through fairness a long time ago.  We’ve all read the books.  We know we’ve never really left our True Home, but let’s be honest, the world we see around us is still sorely lacking in something…  something we feel we might be able to give it…  something we are…

We want to taste that True Reality, to know it, to be it, to live it…

This would be power, wouldn’t it?

Yes.  I think it would.

This is a power that has nothing to do with control of resources, with control of ideas, with control of people, with control of anything, really.  What kind of power is it, then, that has nothing to do with control over anything?

As some of you have reminded me, there is the power of being.  This is the foundation from which all power extends I think.  The Course In Miracles begins with this injunction: Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal exists.  Therein lies the peace of God.  I think this is a beautiful, paradoxical, mind-tickling statement of the power of being.  When all else fails, when everything material has been lost, taken, stripped away, or beaten from us- this power remains unaffected.  Bodies even can be destroyed, and yet…  We are.  Not only is it true that we are, we are one with all that is.  I think this is part of what Frankl was talking about in the passages M and M shared with me- the cornerstone of meaning, of love, of being, is this foundation that unifies and abides in all that is, as all that is.

This power of being doesn’t need anything, or need to do anything to exist.  It needs no forms, no creative outlets, no colors or shapes or sounds.  The fact that the power on which all Creation rests is needless, is astounding to me.  It’s riveting good news.

Report that.

Report it to who?

To whom.

Right.  Report it to whom?

Well, see, that’s just the thing, isn’t it.

There’s this power to not only be, but to be some one.  I see that as an extension, or enrichment, of the power to be.  To exercise this power we have to differentiate One Beingness into a couple of be-ings.  It also helps to have an office, if you’re going to keep up the facade of doing any real reporting, anyway, so pretty soon you’re into this for at least one world, an office, and a few beings.

The power of being some one is not in forgetting, as we have been prone to do historically, the One Beingness, but in pouring that One Beingness as fully as possible through each be-ing.  It is a little known and poorly understood fact that it is impossible to have two Beingnesses.  You see!?  Right there.  That little flinch that says, well, I could imagine a Beingness here, and another one over there, and they could never even know the other existed…  That is the fallacy that confounds the coming of the second power, (or the power of the second coming if you will).  It’s just not possible, and I’ll tell you this: at the end of the day, this is a joyous recognition.

That belief is called separation, and it is the core idea behind the world as it presently stands.  This is why it has sputtered and stuttered.  This is why we think we can do something to someone else, even a little sneaky thing, and profit by it.  This is why transformation is not only possible, but inevitable.  In fact, the story of one be-ing called Jesus made some waves because he pretty much got on board with the Program.  (I’m not saying he was the only one, but I do hope we don’t need to digress through a field of semantics.  The main thing is that the story of Creation is furthered each time a be-ing chooses to be a living expression of the One Beingness that any be-ing is.)  In doing so, he lost nothing and gained everything.  Now it’s our turn.  As we come to know ourselves as Jesus came to know himself, the core idea of our world will change, and of course, the world will follow.

This is the type of power that needs nothing, and cannot be usurped or hijacked.

The tricky part is the walk we have to take from nowhere to everywhere.  Even once we think we’re ready to get on board, we think there is some new thing to do or be that will make all this happen.  We think: sign me up!

Well, the One Beingness already signed up, or you wouldn’t be here.  There is nothing special left to be done, but be who we are.  We’ve already each received a unique set of circumstances, a unique vantage point to report from, so we just start reporting, instead of continuously trying to write our own script about our own beingness.  Nothing about Beingness is our own, but it is still that which we each are.  Differentiation is different from separation.  I think the Buddhists call this mutual arising, and it is a beautiful concept.

I want to close with some quotes from Jesus, speaking as an indwelling of our One Beingness, in A Course of Love:

“All power to affect change comes from acceptance, not acceptance of the way things are, but acceptance of who you are in the present.”

“The power to observe what is, is what will keep you unified with your brothers and sisters rather than separating you from them.  There is no power without this unity.  You cannot see ‘others’ as other than who they are and know your power.”


“Non acceptance in any form is separating.”

And lastly…

“This is the power of being.  The power to individuate the Self.  The power to be who you are.  This is power and the source of power.  This is the force of creation, the only true power.”


    • Then I’m in good company.

      I was waiting for someone to say that, Peter. I was thinking as I wrote that, if we’re really honest about this, what other purpose is there?



      • For most, it seems to be just putting their voice out into the universe. To be heard. To feel like somebody.

        For those of us with a Calling… it’s to try and teach and cause change. To be a catalyst. To help others. Maybe even to help others be heard.


        • Yes, Peter, I agree with this heartfelt motivation entirely: “To be a catalyst. To help others.” May you have a blessed day today.



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