Month: December 2014

We Are That…

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Everywhere you look, everywhere your gaze lands, there the angels, carpenters, playwrights and arborists, bus drivers, tanners, rain-makers and silversmiths populate the invisible, dashing into position at the end of your glance, blossoming from time and space wherever your vision rests, hidden but present inside your every view like the blood in your own hand, just out of sight, just behind the world as it seems to be, just giving a bit of color to the […]

A Few Stories By the Fire

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I am ever grateful to you who have given of your valuable time this year to lend the gift of your presence, and to share a moment or two with me here by the fire.  As a token of my heartfelt appreciation I have posted two new stories on the Fiction page today.  They are intended as gifts to you, and I hope if time and desire present themselves in equal measure, that you enjoy them.  I further […]

The Gifts of 2014

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This post is part of a series of posts written by several bloggers in answer to the Blog Challenge hosted by Linda Litebeing, and I thought it would be a great way to look back upon the last year.  The warmth of the holiday season has provided a nice envelope of peace and cheer from which to reflect on a year that, as Linda pointed out in her invitation, has not been without challenges.  And yet so […]

Savoring the View Through a Single Pixel

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Christ / Course Ideas

The last half of this year, and the last two months in particular, have reduced the aperture of my life down to such a tight radius that I feel as though I’ve been scanning the field of experience and possibility one dim pixel at a time.  There’s not much plot to derive from such a view– not much context or depth with which to work.  Day and night are shades of brightness, but little more. […]

Choking on Gristled Thoughts

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Sometimes Life is like you’re standing on a crowded street, oblivious to everything but a chunk of gristle encrusted steak of an idea of who you should be being that you’re politely chewing for years on end– years and years and years, utterly distracted, like it’s an antidote, like you’re a cat encumbered by a wad of something gooey and medicinal the vet jammed deep in your cheek just out of reach of the jawbone’s […]

A Poem For You

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I wrote this poem for you. You wonder how this could be, since we’ve never met. You think I would need to know at least a few things about your self before I could make such a claim. You think, perhaps, that our two bodies should have shared a room at least once before I could even consider such a crazy idea as writing this poem for you. Or at least they should have heard one […]

On Looking Back, and Beginning

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Christ / Course Ideas

This year I realized that in so many ways, I have scarcely begun.  The difference this time, is that having orienteered my way around the mountain in a great and unwitting circle– riding out storms and then reveling in the graceful vacuum of their departure, plotting the next day’s course based on a strange mash of signs, principles and self-argument, being nourished by glimpses of colored bird and flower, by moments of heartfelt communion with […]

Bag of Tricks

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High up in a cathedral of sky, in an alcove sunken into a sheer face of towering stone where few sounds dare to reach, where first percentile vultures congregate on weekends like a caste of the chosen and on whose sunbaked ledge adolescent mountain goats dream of one day standing motionless but for the waving of their beards in the icy winds and the steady chewing rhythm induced by a mouthful of snowbells, there is […]