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Idea Power

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Course Ideas

I don’t believe there is any greater power than that of an idea, deeply held, and slowly it is becoming clear to me that all we behold is the product of these generative seeds.  In the three books of A Course of Love, Jesus speaks frequently about ideas, and in a passage that I love he says, “Giving ideas life is the role of creatorship.”  This statement comes in a section of the Dialogues– the […]

On the Nature of Being Lost For Good

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Christ / Course Ideas

Jesus has been known to suggest that one’s experience of our collective dream of separation is marked by an upside down, inside out view of things.  We experience Love… as bound up with our pain, or perhaps we are afraid of what Love would offer us.  We fear the things that offer us peace and eternal happiness, because of what we think they will cost us, and we are drawn into attachments with those things […]

Some Short Ones

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Creative / Poetry

If a woman walking alone in a forest experiences transfiguration, and Grace pours through every fiber of her being, does she radiate Light? Aw, geez! There I go again! Me and my non sequiturs. Does part of me really believe that beings experience transfiguration : : : alone? * * * * * Each body you see is the emanation of Holiness. The question is: do you think in terms of emanations? Or of Holiness? […]

Why I’m Not a Mystery Writer

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Christ / Poetry

Since the invention of night vision goggles, you kind of have to wonder if the whole “Thief in the night theory” will hold up. I mean, we’ll see Him coming from a mile away. That could never work. Can you imagine? A safe cracker with a bootleg copy of the Plans to your Heart strolling down your front walk in clear darkness?  Ha! What’s He going to do? Knock on the door and ask to […]

Weather Report

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Christ / Course Ideas

One thing I’ve been observing recently is the weather pattern of my psyche.  There are dominant feelings that arise and then linger like a slowly fading echo, serving as the backdrop to a strand of days.  It’s like visiting a foreign country.  You’re still you, but everything feels a little different at the same time.  This inner weather is always moving around, always shifting.  Unpredictable.  The weather of three weeks ago is long forgotten, but […]


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Course Ideas / Poetry

Some would say that faith is like a padded suit you put on because you’re too scared to face the obvious reality that your life is a swift, knee-scuffing blood-curdling tumble down a steep and rock-strewn escarpment towards the waiting gaping dark, ugly and hungry empty irreversible vacuum-powered inescapable abyss of non-existence. You’re afraid to die, they say. Some of those same ones would say there’s a real sweetness to the glimpses of wild flowers […]

On Being the Message

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Christ / Poetry

Your body is an ambassador, a communication technology, really, and you are the Message given it to convey to the world. Right off you might assume there would be far simpler and more reliable delivery mechanisms available in the cosmos for sending Messages, but the Writer has a unique problem in that Everything She touches comes to Life… Alright, alright, shush and look here, now- it’s not a problem, it’s an Opportunity is really the best way to […]


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How many times can one being crack open? We are walnuts in the world’s vice. Smart walnuts. The kind of walnuts that have figured out how to manufacture from within our very matrix of nuttiness the two-part epoxy of judgement and littleness, and smear it in a thin layer at every point of our periphery to keep our cracked shells welded tight. Now your normal walnuts don’t do that. No sir. They just lay on […]

Beyond Super Heroes

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Christ / Course Ideas / Poetry

When I was young, my favorite Saturday morning super heroes were Aquaman, the Wonder Twins, and Superman. Now they are Rumi, Hafiz, and Jesus, and I am the one in the cartoon. Every day is a new episode in accepting freedom. Wonder Woman had a strong effect also, but I was hesitant to admit it at first. They haven’t made her a movie yet. The thing is: I believe in balance in the Force. I think […]


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I’m slowly losing track of who I was. The other day it hit me: somewhere there’s a body running around with my name on it, leading a committee probably or picking fruit from a scissor lift or counting inventory on aisle 5.  Giving directions to strangers from the street corners of cities whose names won’t mean anything to you or I, or anyone living for that matter. Just laddy-dah, hands in his pockets, whistlin’ away. […]