Beyond Super Heroes

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When I was young, my favorite
Saturday morning super heroes
were Aquaman, the Wonder Twins, and Superman.
Now they are Rumi, Hafiz, and Jesus,
and I am the one in the cartoon.
Every day is a new episode in accepting freedom.

Wonder Woman had a strong effect also,
but I was hesitant to admit it at first.
They haven’t made her a movie yet.
The thing is: I believe in balance in the Force.
I think about Mary a lot, too.
Every being emptied of self
has a unique Presence.  Have you noticed?
She reminds me of the quiet, stunning power of Grace.
About the proximity of simplicity to Meaning.
About the willingness to carry Truth within
and birth it into this world.

Superman has no idea how to do that,
but he is very good at flying around
and catching bullets and looking bad guys dead in the eye.
There is a Power for which there is no antidote,
a Power for which there can be no kryptonite.

I imagine how Mary may have thought of her son,
and what such a view must have offered her.
What did she talk about with
the other women in her village
while He was off playing in the field?
Did she know her Love would nurture
a Love that would reveal a Love
that would explode a dead end world?

I think about my own views of people,
of how we all think we know what a day is for.
I think: this is what I must do today.
I have no idea why.
I was in a room with three total strangers today,
plus a few beings that I have known for several orbits,
and this meeting had a purpose-
the professional excuse that brought us together.
But I could sense it… each of our super heroes
had gotten together eons before and
planned this all out.  Only they knew
the real reasons why.
We were there to discover it.

Eventually it all becomes clear:
we’re all pregnant with an ancient Plan.

I wonder what a day would be like if
everyone I met knew the same thing?
We are living in the fall-out of a dead end world.
It is over.  What remains, is for us to accept this.
Then we could know why… Together.
We’ll realize we no longer need any super heroes.
We will all be just like Mary, and our world will be
the flowering of the continuously whispered Instructions of Grace.


  1. Oh, I love these poems Michael, I love your humor! How wonderful that you liked Wonder woman!
    Yaay, girl power!! 🙂 When I was little my heroes were the care bears! 🙂 I wanted to be a pink care bear with a big red heart on! 🙂 Hihihi! Now, I don’t know if I have any heroes anymore, I mean, I have a lot of people I admire, but I feel that they are my friends, I don’t like when we create so much distance between ourselves and “the heroes”. I like Jesus a lot, and my angels, but they come visiting my all the time and we talk and hug and have a wonderful time. So they are my friends. I have many friends like that. Jesus always tells me that that is the best for me, that we are really close and best friends. He says it is not good for me to look at Him on the cross in a church, because it frightens me, and He wants me to be happy. He also says that I don’t have to read the Bible, He says I can just ask him questions directly instead, cause He is right here 🙂


    • Hi Line, thank you for bringing up a great point. I agree with you completely about not putting our inspirations up on a pedestal, but discovering them as companions and friends along the way. Writing really helps me experience this. Jesus has a home in my heart, and I in his. And it is the same for any of these other “heroes” we might reach out to in order to develop a relationship. and it is the same for everyone with whom we are in relationship, no? I am reminded that beings are not types of cereal on a shelf, or selections of candy bars in the check-out aisle. Somehow we experience the presence of all that is sacred, and the many unique ways in which the sacred is manifest, right inside of our own being. Amazing how that works! It has taken me a while to accept this and I think it is a process still slowly growing inside of me. In some of my favorite books, Jesus describes this state as “communion.” Of our sharing awareness as equals. I love that word in this context!



    • Yes. I have often that if I ever wanted to be an actor, the obvious place where I would come up short would be the part where I would need to summon tears at will. That and the gross deficiencies in my basic acting skills, of course. The other day I thought, the morning after writing this maybe, that if I just spent five minutes connecting with this feeling of Mary’s presence and gift, feeling it flower within me, the tears would not be a problem…

      But then I would be left with the gross deficiencies, so acting may not be the path for me at this time… 🙂



  2. I love what you say about Mary–beautifully expressed! She is so often over-looked. Btw, Wonder Woman was made into a movie in the 1970’s with Ricardo Montalban and Cathy Lee Crosby. It was poor and there hasn’t been one since. I think Lynda Carter could never be replaced.


    • Thank you, Teresa. It was a little weird as a boy to toggle between the cartoon Wonder Woman who flew a plane that entirely invisible except for the sketched outlines and herself, and then occasionally catch a glimpse of Lynda Carter on television. Where do these worlds intersect? I’m glad I didn’t see the movie if it was poor… Makes me think a well-done movie about Mary could be just the thing to change the world, though.



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