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Consciousness, Panpsychism & A Course in Miracles

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This week I listened to Sam Harris interview his wife Annaka on his podcast Making Sense. She has recently written a book entitled Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind, which I should note I haven’t read. An interesting moment occurred when she said it was not altogether obvious why consciousness should exist from an evolutionary perspective, because there is very little, if anything, that we cannot imagine occurring just as […]

My Plan

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My plan, Hafiz, is to start a movement. A beautiful groundswell. It will involve festivals, of course, local chapters, iconic images, bylaws, speeches that change everything and people who don’t bathe mixing happily with those who do. Food stands.  Woven hats. And yes, a cool logo. It will have green in it for sure. The thing is that it must be worldwide— everywhere that people are. And some places they’re not, too. How great would […]

Drummed, Holy

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All our assumptions were wrong. The strangest part is realizing we always knew this, even in the hour of our deepest pain. We’re like a secret of the universe that wandered through the trees to a scenic overlook and stood slack-jawed peering into a crevasse full of stars and comets choreographing the meaning of existence, then got whacked in the back of the head with a frying pan and splattered into a corpus callosum of inter-combinant […]

Some Short Ones

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If a woman walking alone in a forest experiences transfiguration, and Grace pours through every fiber of her being, does she radiate Light? Aw, geez! There I go again! Me and my non sequiturs. Does part of me really believe that beings experience transfiguration : : : alone? * * * * * Each body you see is the emanation of Holiness. The question is: do you think in terms of emanations? Or of Holiness? […]

Thank You Very Much

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The simplest awareness is like this: an ocean. And then: Waves. Rhythm, or Wind. Light, translucence, and the empty sky. You and I, arising. This is all that has ever been. Hidden from view, a moon is cracked open– its yolk plopped into the ferment. Illusion is endorsement of the sensation that something Happened, and it stuck, and now we need to find out what It was. It is the locally embodied transient intoxicating ramshackle belief […]

A New Color of Thought

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I have had a longstanding interest in both science and spirituality, and since I don’t even know what these words mean anymore, let’s just call it a longstanding interest in desiring to know and understand the experience you and I have found ourselves within.  This process of coming to know has been alive within me since early days, and it has been fueled by my daily encounters with a broken world, with a self whose […]

A Question We All Must Answer

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When I sit down to write, I try to put forth a fresh take on what is.  The result may not always be top shelf, but I find you can always find a way of expressing yourself that is authentic to who you are in that moment.  When you do, it is delicious.  It is revealing, at least to you.  It is awesome. Sometimes you have to dig for it, sure.  You have to get […]

Symptoms of the Perfection That Is

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The question in my heart today is this: what is possible? That is actually a poor translation of what is in my heart, because this simple question is so abstract it permits responses like, what is possible… ever?  And the answer then is… well… anything, I suppose… This is not the question.  I am not filled with a question about what might happen in places and times so remote from where we stand today as […]

Look Snappy

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We are interference patterns in the Mind of God. What I mean, is that a miracle emerges in every moment where our two (or three) waves intersect, where they merge for just an instant as they ripple along their way. Your wave is who you are, given freely into limitlessness. Our waves, our gifts of Self and Love, extend ever outwards, pass through one another, illuminating each to each, giving grace to grace, birthing patterns […]

Spontaneous Revelations

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In A Course of Love, Jesus notes that “the animation of form with spirit is an ongoing aspect of Creation.”  He says this is not a timebound dynamic.  This is every moment.  It was there at the Beginning.  It is there right now.  It will always be there.  It is what is happening…  Spirit is peeking out at us right now from behind and within everything, including the stale self-concepts I jam like boulders into […]