My Plan

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My plan, Hafiz,
is to start a movement.
A beautiful groundswell.
It will involve festivals, of course,
local chapters, iconic images, bylaws,
speeches that change everything
and people who don’t bathe
mixing happily with those who do.
Food stands.  Woven hats.
And yes, a cool logo.
It will have green in it for sure.
The thing is that it must
be worldwide—
everywhere that people are.
And some places they’re not, too.
How great would it be to land on Mars one day
and step out of the capsule
and pick up a rock
and find yourself face to face
with the logo.
That’s freaky.
That’s power.

That type of thing.

The thing is that it must
be worldwide.
Otherwise what is the good of it.
We’re so divided here, Hafiz.
We’re languishing for godsakes.
We’re wallowing here.
We’re mired down.
You see it, don’t you?
When we lift a foot to move forward
the boot stays behind in the mud
and we dangle like a photogenic stork
over an abyss of all holy hell,
and then what.
We just hang there.  Wobbly in the wind.
Trying to find that boot.
It’s quite troubling.
People can’t see the truth.
But if we had a half decent movement, you know?
Something festive.
The movement will carry the message everywhere.
Everyone will have a chance to see it.
It will have a logo.
It will change everything.

Hafiz was watching clouds go by.
I tried to join him, but
they were taking their sweet time
and the sky was wide as you dared
and I was antsy to get the show on the road.

Creation is my movement, he said,
giving me a firm pat on the shoulder.
He wanted me to know he loved me
even if he didn’t give two crossed eyes
about finding my sticker on a rock on Mars.
Silence is my uniform, he said.
Smiles are my logo.

Uh huh.
Little too abstract, isn’t it, Hafiz?
(Pretty sure I grimaced at that moment.)
Not a lot to grab hold of there, big guy.
I gestured facetiously at the sky
suggesting the cloudwork we were watching
like a couple of off-duty bloodhounds
keeping a close eye on some fence posts
was a little too ambiguous.
You have to remember who we’re dealing with, I said.
These people have wicks about as long as atomic firecrackers.
Who’s gonna’ understand that!?
Very clever.

I started wondering how many degrees of arc
I could see with my peripheral vision.

No one, he said quietly,
if you don’t.

My breath ran off to build a sand castle
and my mind fired off an entire clip of blanks.
Total shock and panic in there.
Coming out of hyperspace into an asteroid field.


Come again?

There’s only one of us, he replied.

I saw three of him then,
but I focused on the one in the middle.
What are you saying, Hafiz?

He shrugged his shoulders.

Then a stork flew by
dragging a banner behind it
of perfect silence,
and it just went on
and on
and on
and on.
And on.
I couldn’t take my eyes off it.
The bylaws were scrolling right past me.
The singularity was flashing the logo right at me
from everywhere at once.

You should think about starting a movement, I said.
You’d be really good.

Then I punched him in the shoulder.
The one in the middle.


    • Yes, Alison, so much scheming to solve a problem related to a problem related to a problem and so on and so forth and it eventually goes all the way back to the point where, if we connect both ends of the problem chain, we see we’re trying to initiate a lifelong quest to change the world because of how we felt with our last, harried breath… Of course the alternate program would be to start with silence…

      and Love

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    • Ha! Very good, Tiramit! Did it leave any brochures??? When my breath comes back, I like to sit down at the coffee table with it and have a serious conversation about our choices. Like couldn’t we clear out a spare bedroom and have the singularity move in, also??? 🙂



    • Thanks, Brad. I looked out the window and the banner is still trailing past the house… That was some stork. I think sometimes the marketing dep’t gets a bad rap… in this case we’re questioning why the business at all…! Is it really the most direct route to freedom?


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  1. “There’s only one of us, he replied.

    I saw three of him then,
    but I focused on the one in the middle.”
    LOL. You made my day.
    Thank you!

    Yeah, we should come up with a movement and a logo, right…Good luck with finding a logo for God. I love your humor.
    Peace and joy,

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    • I’m glad, Karin! Glad these playful moments spoke to you!

      Since Hafiz talked me out of the movement, I have lost touch with the logo project. But before the stork flew past, I was thinking about the logo some. I was thinking a little polished disc of silvered glass on a sturdy backing would be just the thing! 🙂

      Much Love

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    • Many thanks, O and om!

      Happy to know it was enjoyed by all. Hope you have a splendid spring day.



  2. Silently smiling here, Michael.

    Another word to the wise:

    “Action has meaning only in relationship, and without understanding relationship, action on any level will only breed conflict. The understanding of relationship is infinitely more important than the search for any plan of action.”

    ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

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    • A perfect accompaniment to the thoughts I was trying to express here, Hariod. Without understanding relationship, the goose chases get pretty wild. We return home haggard and worn, and we start planning schemes even more nonsensical. Or we give up and succumb to bitterness. We always have that. I like the idea of understanding relationship, an act which perpetually sabotages my schemes, but leaves me with a joyful feeling so I can’t complain too much. 🙂


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  3. Yes, where was that boot, in the sand perhaps, with the herons and flamingos on one foot. I loved your movement, and green is always a good color, recycle and renew, yes my friend, Hafiz is always right. I was thinking of him as I closed my eyes at the Salvation Army store this morning, searching for a book to take on a beach day, I closed my eyes and my fingers found Illusions by Richard Bach….I smiled and said to myself, perfect…..thank you Hafiz for all the gentle gestures of goodness. And a huge thank you for being your creative and amazing self Michael.
    Peace and love,

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    • Thank you, Kim!

      I haven’t read any Richard Bach, but the title alone sounds intriguing. I read the other side of that coin– Reality by Peter Kingsley– and enjoyed it very much. Hope you had a lovely day at the beach, watching the clouds drift along and invisible banners of eternity wave hello…!

      Hafiz is always a friendly surprise!

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      • He was most noted for Jonathan Livingston Seagull….another good one. A lot of his writings are about flying old biplanes across the country, I always found him to be magical in his way. I shall check into your read and see what that’s about….
        Peace love and flying machines,

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  4. “Creation is my movement, he said ”

    I am all for joining a ‘Movement’ to create More LOVE in the world.
    “He wanted me to know he loved me”

    You are loved Michael .. As I am sure you know..
    Awaiting the creation of a Logo now 🙂 to be shared world wide 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sue… Sometimes when a child has an exciting idea about leaving in approximately one hour for a trip to the Amazon River Basin and the parent says emphatically No it can be disheartening. Knowing this, Hafiz gave me a no and a love tap all at once. We would all have quite a hard time I think if God corrected our thoughts with that No! on an ongoing basis. We’d be cowering in the corner by noontime I think. It is good our helpers are compassionate and wise!

      As for logos, I’m going with the polished disc of silvered glass!

      Peace, my friend!

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  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says

    Hafiz is always right. Damn, I would have jumped right on board with your movement! Cool logo, woven hats, festivals and all!
    “You should think about starting a movement, I said.
    You’d be really good.
    Then I punched him in the shoulder.
    The one in the middle.”
    I love how you always come around to Hafiz’ way of thinking, and I love how the two of you are so close and how you share that with us. Thank you. Your posts always make my day.
    Those clouds do take their sweet time. And then that banner of perfect silence. Wow.

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    • Thank you very much, Mary!

      It does take a certain closeness to your own heart to punch each other in the shoulder periodically and playfully keep one another on track. Hafiz has a key to my heart, so he comes and goes as he pleases! Along with his usual entourage of storks, pelicans, constellations, clouds, oceans, nebulas, hourglasses, spyglasses, frisbees, flares, and silence. A vast entourage of silence…


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      • Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says

        Yes! Haha I have some playful ones inside as well. It is nice to love one’s own heart. Deep closeness no matter what.
        Hafiz is a special one, as are you. I love that whole entourage inside your heart.

        And silence……..even in the midst of noise. Now that could start a movement!

        Love and frisbees,

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  6. Loved this piece. I mean, not Oh I loved this, so glad you wrote it… sort of I loved it. More like, Holy Shit man, give me a T-shirt, I’ll make some buttons, what’s our theme song, who’s doing a Starbucks run? sort of I love it….

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    • Ha! You have made my morning, Noelle! Thank you for the enthusiasm and the kind words. I think we are already working alongside one another in the Beloved’s great shop of decals, bumper stickers, hoodies and ball caps. It’s good to remind each other from time to time what we’re really up to here!

      I could use that Starbucks run, though!


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  7. Now that’s my kind or people’s revolution! Suddenly I feel like listening to Tracey Chapman and chilling. Thanks, I needed that. Peace, Harlon

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    • Hey Harlon,

      it’s a revolution that’s always taking place on the inner road. Even when we’re not looking. When we’re preoccupied with what’s wrong out there… A little Tracey Chapman and some straight chillin’ is just what’s called for as we walk this path. Excellent choice.


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