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My Plan

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Course Ideas / Poetry

My plan, Hafiz, is to start a movement. A beautiful groundswell. It will involve festivals, of course, local chapters, iconic images, bylaws, speeches that change everything and people who don’t bathe mixing happily with those who do. Food stands.  Woven hats. And yes, a cool logo. It will have green in it for sure. The thing is that it must be worldwide— everywhere that people are. And some places they’re not, too. How great would […]

Seeing Beyond Our Notions of Self and God

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Christ / Course Ideas

This is the third and final piece I’ve written in response to the quotation challenge that Ka presented to me back in June.  I have had some fun enjoying a day off today, searching through A Course of Love for some juicy ones.  That is an activity that could quickly get out of hand for me…  The quotes I’ve selected are somewhat in reaction to a series of mouse-clicks yesterday that landed me on a […]

My Recovering Peperomia

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I read an article the other day about some people who did what all the books said to do and they were explaining in very simple terms how now their every movement opens up before them like a strawberry shortcake snack at the Center for Incredibleness and their every breath brings with it some beneficent manifestation like a phone call from some Swiss lawyer representing a great uncle they never knew they had who made some […]


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Once Hafiz and I were walking along the beach beneath a violet sky that had gathered around a glowing sliver of the moon, speaking existentially about sunken barques drift wood hand-carved initials and the audacity of the ruffled tulip, when the pounding surf whistling winds and rush of mad-honking gulls tripped a lever inside of my famished organs of persona. I was suddenly swimming in the need to give my whole life away, to tear […]

Sometimes I Wonder…

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Sometimes I get the feeling everything so far has been a few of us stragglers wandering around this old museum just before closing, picking up little polished stones one-by-one and pewter sculptures and moon rocks and animal claws and ivory eye sockets and a fake cutlass and playing make believe and telling each other all sorts of cute fictions about ghost conjuring and sunken ships and people who eat nails or swallow flaming swords while God has […]

Half Time Talk

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Christ / Poetry

However you came to this point, however you made contact with your inner geometry, whatever brought you to the point of finally placing all your stock into who you are, into that infinitesimal droplet of radiance lurking in your chest of which you’ve but caught fleeting glimpses, not yet even knowing what they might be, it doesn’t really matter. You’re here. Let’s leave it at that. However you came to this point, all we can […]

Song, Uninterrupted.

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One day recently I stepped outside into a hive of birdsong.  The sun was filtering down between the branches of trees at the edge of the yard, and the birds were dotted amongst the boughs, positioned instinctively behind leaf and shadow.  It was like entering a Bev Doolittle painting that had come to life.  Soprano spirals curled into the air, sounds that had been scribbled by the practiced hand of a master, as if Matisse […]

That Sacred Something…

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Christ / Course Ideas / Poetry

Each of us has a flight data recorder housed in the deepest recesses of our being. In a commercial jetliner, the flight data recorder is a physical object capable of receiving and storing the facts of every flight. It has a part number. It has physical dimensions. It is manufactured somewhere. It can be damaged, broken or lost. It is but a crude caricature of the real thing. In a human being, the flight data […]