That Sacred Something…

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Each of us has a flight data recorder housed
in the deepest recesses of our being.
In a commercial jetliner, the
flight data recorder is a physical object
capable of receiving and storing the
facts of every flight.
It has a part number.
It has physical dimensions.
It is manufactured somewhere.
It can be damaged, broken or lost.
It is but a crude caricature of the real thing.

In a human being, the
flight data recorder is the Sacred Something
we sense at the core of our being,
the one thing we know– without
needing to know how we know–
can never be taken from us,
the ineffable Continuity that has witnessed
every moment of our existence.

When we reach back for a memory,
we sense this sacred reservoir from which they are drawn,
this holy identity,
this reality that is not quite a being
but which is forever being.
What Jesus is asking us to consider,
is that the sacred something we feel deep inside
is the place where every last thing is joined,
the true meeting place of “you” and “I”.

In a human being, the
flight data recorder is but one face
of an Infinite-sided gem, a
window if you will, a screen,
a surface on which to etch one’s Name
or paint one’s Picture.
Each of us is a Light extended into Creation
through this window,
colored by this window,
patterned by this window,
written upon by this window,
and… every window is unique.

But, oh man, that Light pouring through it…
That Sacred Something.
What Jesus is asking us to consider,
is that It is the same Light in all of us-
a Light by which we already Know one another.

What Jesus is asking us to consider,
is wiping the heavy oil-based paints
we’ve been slathering around,
the ones that divide Light from Dark,
from our facet of the gem,
and trying water colors,
or bits of colored glass instead,
so the Light can pass through,
and our unique patterns
can finally Shine together.

On a final note for the technical crowd:
you may be wondering where all this Light “goes.”
Well… as you surely can guess,
the geometry of an Infinite-sided gem
requires that the Light shining through every
facet falls directly upon It’s Source.
(Meaning: all that is given is returned.)
(Meaning: there is no “outside.”)
(Meaning: yes(!), this is non-Euclidean geometry.  Get over it.)
The result is an Infinite-sided gem
flooded everywhere at once
with living, sculpted Light,
which is the very Art of Being–
a.k.a. “Creation.”


  1. I am not a part of the technical crowd at all, so I did not understand the last part, but what I did understand (or at least I think I did) was the part where you talk about the same light shining in all of us. I think that light is love. Jesus always preached love, to love each other above all else, and I feel that his enlightenment meant that he was pure unconditional divine love, something we can aspire to be, but most of us will never reach, our human love has limitations. It is easy to love those who love you back, but it is not so easy to love those who harm us and hurt us. I think that when people say that they want to help others because they see Jesus in them , it really means that they see that flash of divine love which also burns in themselves in others. I think that is what Jesus meant, when he said that “salvation goes through me”, that salvation comes with realizing this divine unifying love. I think Love is what binds everything together, it is kind of an attractional (I know that is not a real word, at least not according to the spell check) force that tries to gather everything back into the embrace of unity. (this time I finished writing all my thoughts.)


    • Line,

      Thanks for finishing your wonderful thoughts! Everything you wrote about Love, I agree with. You said it wonderfully, and “attractional” works in my book any day of the week.

      I would like to gently suggest that all of us will indeed recognize that this Love is who we are, as Jesus did, and that you are right now the selfsame Love as He. The distance is not as great as we so often think. We will realize this in our own time, and there is no rush. I don’t say this as a challenge, or to make a controversial statement, only to say this Love is the essence of who we are. It is not only reachable, it is inevitable. Eventually, in the time of our choosing, when we lay down all thoughts to the contrary about ourselves and one another, we will be left with just this Love.

      I think this is the surprise party that awaits us all… 🙂



    • Very cool. In another synchronicity, I just noted yesterday that Gary Renard’s third book has been published, and I was reminded in seeing this about some of the “predictions” he wrote about in one of his earlier books, one of which was the pending arrival of supersonic travel from Los Angeles to New York.

      My guess is folks will have to wait until AFTER the sonic shockwave to begin the beverage service. 🙂



  2. I take great comfort in this Sacred connecting box of me – especially when the grey matter box gets jammed or seems to have self-erased important words and memories – slipping away from me some days – nothing is ever lost – and all is available to me – even my misplaced keys. Turpentine soaked cloths at the ready – the move from opaque to translucent has begun. smiling as always from the visit to your point of departure!


    • And so we take refuge in the Sacred connecting box of Self. This might be the second cult we have started in as many months. 🙂



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