Who Am I…?

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There’s a question within each of us that insists on being answered.  When you log in to the Planet Earth game and start creating your profile, the blank on the form next to this little question is the one with the red asterisk next to it.  It’s not optional.  You’re required to supply an answer.  (How else are worlds created?)

Who am I?

In the Beta Version of the Plant Earth game, when we were building the login page together, we knew what all beings in Reality always know, that the question was rhetorical.  A set-up.  An inside joke.  Ha!!!  Of all the possible non-sequiturs that could have been dropped on that initial page, that one took the cake.  It was off the charts, more absurd than the closest second by a bushel of parsecs.  It went way beyond, for instance, the question “what if we existed… but didn’t know it?”  Or… “what if we knew each other… but… then we didn’t!?”

Who am I?

It’s a trick question, of course.  Reality is stacked ten dimensions deep with an unlimited supply of beings unable to keep a straight face when presented with this question.  They delight in trying, but their hearts are not into it.  Their daytime television channels- all of them- feature perpetual episodes of a show in which a darkly dressed host with a rich baritone voice accosts people on the street to ask them this question, winking into the camera: “Madam, excuse me please, but could you tell me who you are?”

Instantly, the questioned realize they’re on TV.  They recognize the game.  They steel themselves to put on a good show for the folks at home.  They desperately try to keep a lid on their delight, but the question is too preposterous.  It is impossible to even imagine a context in which the question could make any sense.  Sure, its grammatically possible, but it has no meaning!

The knowledge of who they are is the most powerful, abiding, peaceful- the only- force in their lives.  It is all they have, and all they could ever need.  It is an inheritance they all share.  The knowledge of who they are is a treasure they cannot bear to lock away, a secret they perpetually desire to unveil, a continuously arising joy they cannot contain.  Nobody would ever hide their greatest gift!  This pretending is deliciously crazy!

Their lower jaws begin to wobble, their eyes to twinkle, and then, having never actually played the game before- (its their first time on television!)- they realize they’re holding their breath.  Their lungs are beginning to burn.  All at once a smile breaks loose as air erupts from their lungs with laughter.  Their eyes water a touch.  They embrace their host.  The camera man forgets himself entirely and flings his camera into the street, just as he did the day before, shattering the lens, and he leaps for the top of the celebratory pile.  There is real danger that the entire city could be overwhelmed as this contagion spreads.  If critical mass is reached, an entirely new universe could touch off.

It doesn’t matter.

The Knowledgeable create without fears or plans.  They know of no other way.  All they know is who they are.  Love is extended with abandon.  Love flows through them from its Source and bursts into a bouquet of surprises.

Who am I?

Laugh with me.  For that is the only answer worthy of the question, and together is the only way to answer it.

In the evenings, when things have quieted down and the day’s new universes stabilized, vast droves of radiant beings gather together to watch game shows.  Jeopardy is a real crowd-pleaser.  Four thoughts of God, disguised as humans, make it onto the game show Jeopardy, as One contestant.  (You can do that There.)  They hit the Daily Double.  Without hesitation, they risk it all.  Alex Trebek looks to his cue card, and is silent.  The Answer Monitor is blank.  Canned laughter fills the studio.  The jingle starts.  Trebek, the consummate professional, dispassionately stands by.  The four huddle in discourse.  One scribbles down their question in nearly legible writing.

Who am I?

Jackpot!  Can you see?

A Course in Miracles says, “The concept of the self has always been the great preoccupation of the world.  And everyone believes that he must find the answer to the riddle of himself.  Salvation can be seen as nothing more than the escape from concepts.” (T-31, V, 14.1)

A Course of Love says, “Forget yourself and memory will return to you.  Beyond your personal self and the identity you have given your personal self is your being.  This is the face of Christ where all being resides.  This is your true identity.” (CoL-20.24)

Here is what I suggest.  Return to the Planet Earth game.  Log in to your account.  Click on ‘My Profile’, and in the little blank with the red asterisk, next to the question ‘Who am I?’, when you’re ready, type ‘Christ’.

Is it too much to ask?  Does it seem unreasonable?  What do we protect in our resisting?  What do we fear will arise from our acceptance?  ‘Christ’ is but a word.  The question is: what is the Reality to which it points?

“The ego is what you made.  Christ is what God made.  Your ego is the extension of who you think you are.  Christ is God’s extension of who He is.” (CoL-P.8)  “Your real Self is the Christ in you.” (CoL-2.10)

Your real Self is what God placed within you, as you, of Himself.  We are called to accept only that- nothing more and nothing less.

If this is getting serious, laugh once again.  Laugh as we realize together that we’ve been wrong about ourselves, and we begin to remember what that means.  Let’s laugh so hard we lose our trains of thought, so hard we nearly cough up lungs, so hard we forget for a moment who we thought we were, and there, just as our laughter winds down into a chortling, as it slows and coughs and sputters, just as the feeling of having lost something begins to set in and we start to mindlessly tap our vest pockets and squint across the table, as we realize there are pieces to be picked up, remain there in that emptiness for just a moment and look around.  Standing in the corner waiting patiently is Christ, the Self beyond all concepts, ready to take our hand and lead us out of the tavern and into the sunlight.

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  1. I sometimes get hung up on “Christ”. For me, it’s a “loaded” word. But I liked Jack Kornfield’s “The One Who Knows” (who is the same as Christ). I have heard that God’s true name is not God. And it wouldn’t be Christ either. I don’t recall where I read it but I read it yesterday, human’s can NOT handle God’s true name. We aren’t ready for it (look how we say, “God damn it” or call on God’s name when we make love…).


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