New Piece of Fiction

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I have made modest progress over the past eight or nine months on the draft of a novel.  If the 100k word mark is what puts you in the ballpark to being able to say a novel has been written, I’m just over 2/3 of the way there– sans editing.

I have no previous experience in this sort of thing, but I figured the first and most important part was just to write and don’t get too distracted by coffee, snacks, the birds outside, or things that actually need doing.  It is amazing how something you enjoy, like writing, can begin to seem like work once you layer onto it things like goals, objectives, schedules, etc., not to mention judgments as to its merit and worthiness of continuing.  I’ve tried to do as little of that as possible.

Overall, it’s a story about the narrator learning to see the world with the vision of Christ, and to thereby release his fullest potential to the world– to discover a way of living in the world that is seamless and whole, and emptied of contradiction.  The miracle would be that the reading or writing of such a story might in some way assist the full acceptance of this reality into the heart of our daily lives.  It is meant to be a celebration, a glimpse, and a window– at once a yearning, an expression, and an answer– and hopefully ends up being at least a few of these things, if not a novel.

The chapter I have uploaded onto the Fiction page here is the most recently completed and I thought it read alright as a stand alone despite being out of context of the preceding ten chapters.  Some allusions to earlier events of the story won’t quite add up, but I think the core content of this sequence works.


  1. Gracious how did I miss this Fiction page posted before???
    I have sitting in front of my next few days a must be done chore list that is quite long, but joy of joys to find at the end of all that there are several posts and this delicious cache of words of M waiting for me to dive into. I will light the fire and crack out the best saved for company tea and brewing a pot, will so enjoy reading and catching up here.

    Thank you for the awaiting treats!



    • The saved for company tea!? And a fire?? Sounds delightful. You will have the proper environment for reading, that is assured. Hope you enjoy the whole of it all, including the must be done’s, and thank you for such encouraging presence here.



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