Jabberwocky Detonation

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The Only Principle is this:
Nothing happens
that doesn’t unfold within
a field of awareness,
and every awareness
is held by a greater one
because no awareness
is great enough to hold itself.

This is precisely true,
even though awareness is
always, only and ever… One.

(That last bit’s the Other Principle.)

Using language as we are here
is like trying to make a hole
in the Emptiness by
using teaspoons to
scoop out little dollops of it
and peek through to the other side.
For argument’s sake,
let’s just say you could.
Where would you put them?
Perhaps you could eat them
one little bite at a time
and make them disappear that way.
What’s strange is that
you could do so
all day long and never be full,
even though Emptiness
is filling us to overflowing
in every moment.

The most anthropomorphic statement
I ever heard was that the universe
could never be run on a platform of awareness,
because the universe is too reliable and precise for that.
Milk-a-say-whut!?  Look here—
just because your mind resorts to thought
every time the wind blows, doesn’t mean
the only Awareness there Is has the same proclivity.
Those same prognosticationists who said
it wasn’t awareness at all
claimed it was self-deploying inevitabilities called laws
that arise from manifold configurations
of curled-in-on-themselves
ingots of jam-packed energy
that detonate spontaneously
without any awareness
in or behind or through them whatsoever
and then much, much, much, later,
when things have cooled off,
build up to it (awareness).
Now that’s a tricky thing, my friend–
building all the way up like that
to nothing at all…

I’m not saying nothing detonated.
I’m saying that Nothing itself probably did detonate…
in, as and through a field of awareness.
I can have a pet theory or two of my own, can’t I?
I think of space as a maverick propensity.

Since only an unaware being
could imagine awareness was as flighty
as a room full of monkeys and typewriters
to begin with, and then conclude the laws themselves
were the product of the luckiest collection
of monkeys and typewriters ever assembled
whose mandates followed them around everywhere they went
informing the color and half-life of every particle in the area
like a teleporting jabberwocky entourage of precision,
and since there are no unaware beings,
I went out for a sandwich.

Aside from violating the Only Principle there is,
as well as the Other Principle,
you could see how some folks
could try and make these ideas stick.
They’re quite amazing.

When they ask you that question
about trees falling
and making a sound or not—
don’t answer it.
Don’t even move.
Just close your eyes
and be like that still point
inside a rocket engine
that never so much as flinches
during take-off, the one
from which all thrust is derived.
And for godsakes, don’t think!
Maybe it’ll happen to you
like it did to Hafiz, when he said,
I’ll show you a law,
and then disappeared…
simultaneously appearing Everywhere,
and still home for supper.

I call that a Jabberwocky Detonation.
Helps to know who you are,
you wanna’ try that stunt…
Also to decide going into it
what colors you’re universe will have.

Of course.


  1. I feel like going full out Woo – S gave me another book last year; she would not vouch for the author, except to say, well, at least it is imaginative! Some things are just plain fun to think about. So this guy has a view of our universe as one sole/soul creator’s experiment about light. In his view, We all are creators of other universes with other experiments. Right now we are visiting each others’ universes by deeply enmeshing ourselves into them – experiencing them as participants (with amnesia the farther into density we travel). We purposefully go all the way down and back up into each others’ worlds. Seems like Earth was pretty far down in the density meter, according to him. So what might some other universes be studying? Seems colors would be an aspect of the light spectrum – perhaps you made this world, Michael? ARe you scooping out light and colors with your spoon, as well as emptiness? Have we reached the bottom of this world and we are on the bounce back up through the densities of light? Woo woo and a half – I think there were gnostic ideas, aboriginal ideas, alien stuff, full tilt all flavors of woo could be found in this book – whatever got the juices flowing – and it was a fun read without an ounce of credibility, but way more instructive in some ways than the rational reads – a speeding, flaming, wackadoodle, rainbow bus flipping end over end into a black hole. Turning off the thought engine, closing eyes, showing up for dinner in every universe, ready to eat pure light on the bounce back up. (When I wake up tomorrow, my posting privileges will be on probation) “Get behind the safety rope, please.” 🙂

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    • Sounds like an incredible ride! I think that there is undoubtedly a river of truth running through there somewhere. It has become apparent to me that even those things that are clearly fantastical on the surface, or at one level, often contain an underlying movement or motif that relates to some aspect of what IS. We, being the extension of what IS, simply cannot help but imbue our every movement and generative thought with some aspect or reminder of the Truth, even if it is in a dim and perhaps distorted manner.

      I’m intrigued by the idea of inhabiting one another’s worlds, and it reminded me of the comment from Kingsley’s Reality that S posted on one of your recent posts, about being totally alone, and looking back over your shoulder to find a fellow traveler… We’re definitely passing through one another’s “worlds” somehow…

      There’s a passage in Dialogues on Awakening by Tom Carpenter where Jesus suggests to Tom we are all (or will be, or surely this is in a sense outside of time) able to create stars… I think the breaks we believe exist between the ‘self’ we identify with– even if that self is simply the ‘boundary of our awareness’– are not nearly as clean as we imagine…

      Woo Returned. 🙂


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  2. -“trying to make a hole
    in the Emptiness by
    using teaspoons to
    scoop out little dollops of it
    and peek through to the other side”

    -“ingots of jam-packed energy”

    -“product of the luckiest collection
    of monkeys and typewriters ever assembled”

    What does it say about me that upon reading, immediately my mind went to those heaven sent things called Jammie Dodgers? Maybe it just means that in my corner of the adventure, it is time for tea 🙂 .

    Peeking through eternity at that “w”hole in the emptiness, one heart filled ingot of a jammie doger packed full of lovely energy at a time 🙂 Sure fire recipe for classic, true love ❤



    • I think, M, that it says you have a mind exquisitely disposed to the art of making joyous connections. The monkeys are for me derived from memories of a sophomore year engineering course in thermodynamics, wherein the professor told us that statistically speaking nothing prevented a cup of water from spontaneously heating up and cooling the surrounding room by a corresponding and equal amount, but that it was about as likely a state as a room full of monkeys spontaneously and randomly typing the collected works of Shakespeare. I’ve never heard of a Jammy Dodger, and have just had my mind blown. 🙂



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