Something Stupendous

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At the center
of every human being,
something stupendous
is happening–
something deadpan
a trembling
a high outcropping
of multiplying
cliff diving

I don’t know
what it is,
but I think
it might be related
to the fact
that the sky
is peppered
with drums so vast
their beats
shake galaxies out of the darkness
like dust from the Beloved’s rug,
that it’s full
of light transmissions,
secret messages,
and the odd comet,
and that each morning,
just before dawn, the sky
draws near to the earth
and brushes her cheek
just so
with the back of its hand,
and whispers
I love you
in her ear.

Hemlock trees
hermit crabs
and leopards
are also related
but I’m still
trying to piece
this whole thing


  1. Wonderful imagery of the sky brushing the earth’s cheek Michael, and I suppose the whispering is eternal given the moment before dawn is itself an eternal occurrence, somewhere?

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    • Good catch, Hariod! I hadn’t pieced that together when I wrote this, but yes… Whatever stupendousness is alive inside of us… is ongoing…


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    • Yes, Ka! Watching it perpetually come together, and then spiral out into new expressions and emerging patterns. Our kaleidoscope-hearted, creation-wheel-turning, fully-integrated and interwoven, inter-mutual-unfolding stupendousness!


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  2. So original, so unique and am mystified by the connection between hermit crabs, hemlock and leopards but understand that love does come from above and is the all important thing, “brushing our cheeks”. A mere brush is potent enough. Namaste, Ellen

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    • Thank you, Ellen. You and me both! The diversity of what life puts on display is amazing, but there remains something unifying in all of life… I don’t know, but suspect there are DNA sequences in all of these creatures that are very similar… And then of course, all of us are touched by the brush of Love’s hand upon our cheek…

      Much Love

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  3. Simply beautiful. Hemlock trees have special significance for me lately since my appreciation for Monet’s hemlocks has grown exponentially.

    Thank you for letting so much love flow through you in the forms of poetry for us to receive as inspiration and grace.

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    • Hi Linda,

      My pleasure. We have a stand of hemlock trees along the border of our back lawn, and they are significant to us as well. Our bird feeders are close to them, and they have become a vast apartment complex for squirrels, as well as a delightful staging area for the birds who come and visit… They are really beautiful trees. I still enjoy taking a blanket and going to sit in the clear area under their wide sweeping branches.


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    • !!!

      (Cracking up at this, at myself, at all of us– at this tetrahedron shaped panel I just cut out of sparkly wool that I can’t seem to stitch into place…)

      It’s more like a mind map, actually. Struggling with which node to connect the penguins to, for obvious reasons…

      Blessed by your wit–

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    • That was a look up! I’d never heard of Baobab, but given what I just saw of the good ones, I guess I wouldn’t want to be caught holding the second half of a bad one and suddenly finding myself chewing with caution…

      Thank you, M!

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    • Thank you, Harlon. I am enjoying the unexpected dovetailing of the “falling into place” and “piecing together” of our two most recent posts… We are also ourselves pieces coming together to form a beautiful pattern…


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      • Thanks Michael, I too noticed the “dovetailing” of our two recent posts….and a great choice of word by the way….”dovetailing” has such a nice ring to it. Yes, it is spectacular, the patterns we create when we overlap, intersect and not overreact. Peace, Harlon


        • Right on, Harlon. I wish to tip my hat to your acknowledgment of the grace emergent from the poise found in reacting just so, but not overly so.

          Gazing softly towards the horizon, and not even flinching at the wonder of it all…
          We got this…

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  4. What a delicious treat as I fall upon your magical imagery here once again Michael… Pure delight. May those Drums keep on beating in your sky as you reach out to the Galaxies with your thoughts and words..

    Have a Blessed week Michael ..
    Sue 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sue! Much appreciated! Summer is closing in on its zenith around here I think, and it is beautiful to behold. I’m sure your gardens must be overflowing their banks!

      Have a blessed week as well.

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  5. I really, really like this Michael. The core feels as though it has a life of its own, almost within grasp. It’s like a treasure map. I’m especially keen on this –

    “the sky
    is peppered
    with drums so vast
    their beats
    shake galaxies out of the darkness”

    But then I suppose I would, wouldn’t I? *laughs*.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud.

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    • Thank you, Sonmi. I’m very appreciative of your visit here. Your writing is brilliant, suffused with dimensions that tickle and nudge me, but are never brazen. I learn something every time I visit. And I love the glimpses you provide into worlds I would otherwise have never known existed… Your skies are full of some very creative drums! 🙂


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      • That’s a lovely thing to say Michael. Thank you so much. I’m very chuffed that you rate it all so highly. *beams a smile at him*. Peace to you also.

        – sonmi beating those drums upon the Cloud

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