A Technical Discussion

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One time when Hafiz
was balancing
on one foot
atop an intriguing
round stone
the size of a small house
that was sunk into the sand
beside a very fine sea
and dimpled by the impact
of ancient particles of dust
from outer space,
with his arms crossed,
or flapping like wings
against a blue beyond,
or hitched to his side,
and his other leg
folded up yogically–
alternately very stork-like
beneath him–
or resting on the stone
beside the first
in a pose of great couth,
as he filled the air
beside the sea
and around us all
and in every place
where there is
or ever was
a little quiver
of anything at all
with the most
beautiful and spontaneous
meanings using
words and colors
and wild hair
and swooping moves
that segued into
firecracker handstands
that crumbled very quickly,
breaking into smiles
for which the sea
would ever be thankful,
he  was asked
by a quiet voice
if God really exists.

He gathered himself
into a little hovering bead
of focus and stillness,
like you would in such a moment,
and looked down
to collect a little more
about what was happening.

So! he replied,
squinting at the
lovely child seated
before him
who had scampered
up that big rock
the size of a small house
while Hafiz wasn’t looking,

you would like us to have
a technical discussion.


  1. My friend,

    Your poetry, words and clever make me smile. 🙂

    I hope you are having a blessed day. I am finally out for a “blogging walk” after way too long and it always feels like peace and beauty here.

    Thank you so much for this.

    Much love,


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    • Thank you, Allison! What a lovely share, and I’m glad. I smiled, too, dreaming this one up…

      Nice to see you on your walkabout!
      Enjoy the beauty that is all around…


  2. footloosedon says

    So, after reading this lovely piece, I found myself pondering the imponderable: what a technical discussion on the existence (or non-existence) of God might sound like. I remember from high school the ontological argument for the existence of God: it’s just a safer bet, given the options. But a technical discussion? Let me see: I think therefore I am? No, that one has caused no end of problems. I must confess to being lost. Any clues you’d care to share?

    Love as always,


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      • Hariod, I have to say that I can’t really think of a better way to say it… That says it perfectly… In a way I was thinking of how the mystery of existence itself just can’t be defined…

        Much Joy!

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    • Ha! I wrote a continuation (Part 2, just posted) of this today that will perhaps make this all clear, Don… You understand it so beautifully already, though. That feeling of being lost is precisely where I was trying to suggest a technical discussion might take us! I was trying to compare Hafiz’ antics of pure joy to the conceptual fretting we so often do…

      Love to you, too, my friend.
      Hope you enjoy Part 2!

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  3. So… technical, philosophical, moral or spiritual – isn’t it just as fun to simply have light-hearted conversations around the unknown? Personally, I’d prefer *that* discussion be as delightful as the wild hair experience Hafiz was having just prior to the inquiry. Love your vivid language especially “…in a pose of great couth…”

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    • Ha! Absolutely, Eric! That is truly the essence of what I was trying to express here, my friend. Perhaps you will enjoy my continuation, (posted today), as it seemed a little elaboration may have been in order after I merely approximate the idea I most wished to convey here… I was actually trying to juxtapose Hafiz’ wild hair experience, and the beauty and vitality of it, with the dry nature of conceptual debate…

      Peace, and thank you!

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  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says

    This made me laugh, and smile and feel that sweet childlike innocence in my heart, and I’m just appreciating Hafiz so much for all the visuals of his movements and pose of great couth, as well as, “He gathered himself into a little hovering bead of focus and stillness,like you would in such a moment,” and taking the child’s question so very seriously. Another beauty, Michael.
    Peace and Love

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    • I thought you would enjoy it, Mary, and I’m so glad you did. Thank you so much for that sweet resonance you provide– and the value I know you carry for the childlike wonder and playfulness that travels with us all… I loved spending a little time with this child, and our friend Hafiz… And trying to bring it to life…

      Joy and Innocence

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      • Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says

        Thank you, Michael. I love that you have brought the child in.
        I totally trust Hafiz to guide the child in a way that the child discovers for her/himself what (s)he learns/feels about existence.
        Wonder, Innocence and Delight,

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  5. Don’t know about a *technical* discussion,and I think the existence of God is so obvious it’s like a slap in the belly with a wet fish, but I found myself smiling and thoroughly delighted with the description of Hafiz on the big rock. What a magician he is. As God 🙂

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    • Ha! I love that– a slap in the belly with a wet fish! I’m wondering how much freakin’ work you’d have to invest to try it with a dry one! I’m glad the language carried you along a bit, and I agree with you, whatever it is that is happening, is delightfully obvious! We are all surrounded by magicians-in-hiding I think.


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  7. This took me to an interesting place of observation and awareness. I often think that when I am in difficult situations that my struggle can be very visual – as I was reading your post a new light started I to shine for me. As I discuss, or try to, or explore, or try to, the things that I find difficult that there is -no reason for being self-concious and what I think may be quite unattractive is in fact a beautiful dance of wondering and thinking and that trying to figure it out isn’t as ungraceful as I thought. The music may not always be to my liking, but the dance of life is really quite catchy. Peace, Harlon

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    • Hi Harlon,

      Such a gift to give ourselves to be able to come home to the dance of life, and to accept our beautiful processes and trust where they take us. Self-consciousness is something of which I have entire cases stacked in the garage, the attic– down in the basement. It’s a weird feeling, and you do wonder what the neighbors think, when you start opening those cans and placing them out in the field for the birds and the squirrels to remove from this world. They are, after all, immune to this disease that is for us, an epidemic. I’m glad a new light shone for you, my friend, and honored to be in the building when it caught your eye.


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  8. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says

    I just want to say that I love this comment. It is a beautiful thing from your heart. I felt it in mine.
    Joy in the dance,

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  9. Hafiz doing the old yoga moves again and now I see a part two….Yay, more excitement in my already exciting day, and I do love fine sand and beaches filled with the beauty of life and the antics of Hafiz as only Hafiz can do, he does inspire us to become free in the thinking of possibilities….I like that 🙂

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    • Yes, Kim, he is quite the free-thinker. Reminding me life is a beach filled with wonders innumerable. And simple joys. Oh so many simple joys…


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      • and happy dolphins too, don’t forget the happy dolphins…now they look like they’re having the time of their swimmy little lives 🙂
        Peace and fishies,

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  10. I love Mary’s response above and just add my love and appreciation for your beautiful gift of poetry dear Michael ….always love , megxxx

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