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I’ve not posted here in a while, but look forward to getting back into a rhythm in the near future. I’ve been working on a few short stories, and making very slow progress on a novel that will eventually be drafted, and also have been contributing some writing to a booklet that will provide some Q&A on the connections between A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

The most exciting personal news of recent months is that my short story “Candelaria” was picked up in February by the New Limestone Review–the University of Kentucky’s literary journal. This was a very welcome development, to say the least.

I read my first Wilhelm Reich book this winter, a combined volume that contained two short works entitled Ether, God and Devil and Cosmic Superimposition. Reich’s writing was thoughtful and I much enjoyed encountering his novel perspective on things. The experience left me thinking it would be fun to write a series of posts on the subject of genius. There are many thinkers and creators who have worked outside of established conventions, some of whom have enjoyed some popular success and many of whom have not, and I suspect there are countless inspired people we know precious little about. The ability to cultivate a penetrating insight, and also to possess the skill, talent and perseverance to introduce it to a world that doesn’t always know how to handle it, is exceedingly rare it seems.

Anyway, more to follow…


    • Thank you, Linda! I’m working on various things… Hopefully more announcements to come in the future… The novel I’m working on is one I started pretty shortly after that reading you did for me. Taking its sweet time; I’m enjoying the process…

      Peace to you, too–

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  1. Delighted, Michael, about all your productivity! I think a reboot is a healthy way to get your blog winking back again, but new. Looking forward to reading more! Scientific American just put out a magazine for Winter 2019 called, “Your Inner Genius.” I’d say you are tapped in. Curious about the Q&A booklet you are putting together, William Reich, and the wonderful pieces you are getting published and bringing more light to your incredible versatility and mind/heart.

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  2. J.D. Riso says

    Thank you for the update. Your presence has been missed. Huge congrats on the publication! Very well deserved.

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    • Many thanks, Julie! I appreciate it. Honestly, it was a relief. Haha! It’s kind of like panning for gold, this writing thing. There’s definitely a craft and a skill to it–and I can see how my writing has evolved with practice. And then there is the trick of somehow getting the piece in front of the right person at the right time. That boils down to miracles the way I see it. You just keep going… and then something breaks. And when it does it feels like a miniature redemption. It’s the pure joy of becoming who we are…!



      • J.D. Riso says

        That totally sums is up- miracle. I’m dealing with that now with my memoir. Gotta get over the need to control everything and just trust that the right person will find it.

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  3. makes me happy knowing you’ve got
    your groove on, & will make some time
    to share it with the awaiting world, dear Michael!
    wonderful you’ve had another meaningful publication.
    Reich was quite brilliant, yet not treated well by the govt.
    a friend uses his theoretical mind/body works in her effective psychotherapy;
    a brief clip of Patricia describing it, if interested :

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    • Thank you so much, David!

      As to Reich, I’ve known generally about him and his work for a while, but I really enjoyed his book. Brilliant, as you say. It’s always so inspiring to see people who can do a bit of dead reckoning through the jungle of ignorance and come out by the seashore. And thanks for the link… I’ll definitely check it out. My wife has a friend who has been involved with the Reich Museum up in Rangeley for quite a while. I don’t know if you knew, but the woman who was caretaking the museum passed away recently, I believe. Not sure if there is a replacement… Sad when people are persecuted still for their ideas, and forgotten (largely)…


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    • Yes, indeed! I’m still at the stage where each one feels like Christmas morning. Not sure I want to change that, actually. Haha. Thank you so much, Mike!


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    • Hi Linda,

      I didn’t see this link for whatever reason when you nominated me, and don’t know if I’ll get to it or not, but I thought your post was masterful. I loved your quotes and sharing on this subject… Much wisdom is reflected in your words, and I agree with the notion that a certain type of mirroring can be a trap… It’s an interesting subject to ponder… πŸ™‚


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      • Thank you for such a lovely commentary Michael. This post took some time to marinate and sometimes the more difficult topics produce the sweetest fruit. I am considering a guest post from a fellow bloggee that surely will dredge up plenty of emotional material. But that is the fuel of the writer.

        peace to you,

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  4. Well, well well! Marvellous news! Congratulations, and I have no doubt well-deserved congrats at that as you are a superb writer; it’s always a joy hearing of those who can wield words as well as you getting published. I’m chuffed for you Michael! I too as you know am rather sporadic on here these days for the same reasons mostly – book editing and the like, so it’s lovely to see you pop back here again and say hello. I look forward to your next tome as well.

    – Esme doing cartwheels across the Cloud for his success ❀

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    • At the risk of sounding sentimental, Esme, let me say how much I appreciate your sharing in the joy of this moment with me, and also note that it is a down payment on the joy many will share in together, myself included, when your book is fully birthed. It’s one and the same joy, is it not? There are not separate causes for celebration here, but the river of celebration in our creative expression, to which there are many tributary streams to be nurtured. I have just begun reading my first Jane Austen, and while I’m only about a quarter of the way into it, there is something that reminds me of you. This clever insight, I suppose it is. This undressing of things. You have a gift, to be sure, a voice all your own that wriggles and bandies and inspires, and I just wanted to say that, my friend! Half of this being published is just knowing it is your due, and proceeding until it occurs, and your prose is as rollicking and consummate as any I’ve read…

      Thank you for the cartwheels. I would offer a backflip for you if I could.

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      • “At the risk of sounding sentimental” – Go wild, people aren’t sentimental enough by half! I know just what you mean Michael, it is a joint joy a flowing river of shared inspiration indeed, and all we create and share impacts upon our next creation, some more than others, your words most definitely with mine. That’s a lovely thing to say about Jane Austin, and the undressing, you have it there, I do like to unpeel layers, try and grasp as I wriggle, hahahaha. Many thanks sir, your support is enormously appreciated.

        – Esme bowing and leaving him several sticky buns from the Cloud’s pantry ❀

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  5. Congratulations on Candelaria getting published! And for all the good work you’re doing. I’m picking up on the energy in these rays of light.

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