The Way of the Marys

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2020 was not my most prolific year in terms of writing, but there is one piece that shines for me that I would like to share with you. It is the review I wrote for Mari Perron’s latest book, Mirari: The Way of the Marys. This book is about many things, but in particular it is about the power of the divine feminine and the potential within us to receive and birth the New.

When Mari asked if I would write a review, I knew immediately it was something that I wanted to do. I’d read the book once earlier in the year and it was quite helpful to me at the time, and I read it again in a couple of sittings when I helped with some copy editing, but it was not until I sat down to write the review and started taking notes, page by page through the book once again, that I realized how truly rich and powerful it was. Like all great works of prophecy, it recast the mundane for me. It pierced the echo chamber of my now and let in the light of new Life.

I felt inspired while writing this review in a way that I hadn’t in quite some time. It was a relief, really, to feel that churning magnetism take hold in the heart of my being, to sense the palpable tugging of my entire being upon the unknown, pulling into crisper and crisper form the words and phrases that I needed. I discovered things as I wrote, wandered into new arenas of comprehension. This is what inspiration does for me. The entire process reminded me: we are joined to something far greater than ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the review but more importantly hope you would consider the book itself. I think Mari and Mary together have an important message for our time.


  1. Thank you for this Michael, and the review itself. It’s does sound like a book to savor and appreciate, then come back to time and again. May 2021 bring health, love and creative flow 💛🙏💛

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    • Same to you, Val! May this New Year bring you and yours all good things. May we open our hearts to receive them! As to Mari’s latest book, I enjoyed it a great deal, and was touched profoundly by particular segments. I think the importance of the feminine cannot be understated if we are to invite the healing transformations we require these days… It feels palpably obvious to me right now…


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  2. J.D. says

    Stellar review, Michael. And the concept of the book is very intriguing. The Blessed Mother is very special to me.

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    • Thank you, Julie… I’m not surprised by these connections! It was profound for me to establish a deeper connection with Mary myself through this work, and it is beautiful to experience the flow of the timeless through our world…


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  3. A beautiful review that as I read it settled me back into the heart, and truth. I’ve long known that birthing this New is the reason I’m here. Why else? It is the reason we are all here. I find myself getting a little impatient, and then slip back into presence and realise the new is already here.
    Much love

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    • Why else, indeed, Alison!? I experience the same waves, myself. That desire and impatience, and then the settling into it. They’re both true I believe–meaning that when we allow ourselves to feel the timeless reality that holds our world we know it’s ALL already here, but at the same time we’re not off-key when we’re impatient to see an end to the needless suffering that so much Life experiences. This is the divine feminine: the mother’s passionate concern for all beings, her protectiveness of Life itself in it’s precious unfolding. It’s a force and a power we need in this world, I think… But it’s still also true that we can stare this world down and dissolve into pure being at any moment!

      Much love to you as well–

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  4. Hello Michael,
    The call for caring and devotion really spoke to me. This might be a book to speak to my heart directly, and will fit it nicely with my zillion other books on my read list. Blessings to you, my sweet friend! I’m so glad you found this inspiration and have this connection with the authors!

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    • Thank you, Ka! It’s a gem for sure and I’m glad to be connected to it, and you too, now! And yes, it’s good to have some writer friends to nudge me along and help me and hopefully I help them, too. It’s nice to be understood that way. And I know the feeling of a zillion books! They seem to surface when they’re most needed don’t they? Blessings to you as well, and hope you are navigating things with joy and aplomb these days.



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