God Is Brewing Tea Again

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In the Creation, God is a tea plant.  She is a tea plant and also the soil in which the tea plant grows, and the air in which the tea plant breathes, and the rains in which the tea plant drinks, and the Light in which the tea plant Knows.

We were a leaf on God’s tea plant, and the Life of the tea plant lived in us and through us.  It was beautiful and effortless.  Then, one Moment we wondered what it would be like to be our own tea plant, to be separate from the Life we had always Known, and our leaf broke free and fell gracefully through the air.  It floated down to a resting place on the ground.  You see, our wish was granted.  Immediately.  Lovingly.  Fully.

Simultaneously, an Answer was Given.  The door of the manor clicked open as God sent out His Gardener.  The Gardener came along and harvested the fallen leaves, picking up every last one of them, and carried them back into His Home.  He placed them in the Light where they slowly dried up and faded.  We withered and crumbled into little pieces.  We felt like something that once was Whole, was Lost.  At times we experienced great pain.

One of us was mostly twig.  The other mostly leaf.  Some of us were quite proud of our catechin content.  Others were flavonoid rich.  Some of us were just woody bits.  Regardless, we were dying and we knew it.  We were shriveling and alone.  We thought we had lost the only Life we ever Had.  It was hard to trust in processes we couldn’t see or understand.  We were convinced our desires had been a harmful mistake, that we had shamefully bought a one way ticket to Nowhere, and were forgotten, without Hope or Purpose.

One day God collected up those leaves and boiled some water.  She gently poured the water over us and something amazing happened.  We dissolved into one another and into something Greater once again.  All of our disparate contents and fragments were unlocked, diffusing into this new liquid warmth around us.  We were drawn into one another again, and made meaningful in our communion with one another.  A great aroma filled the manor.  A golden color filled God’s cup.  Something that had always been in us, from the very Beginning, awaiting just this Moment, was set free.

Then God drank us, and we became One with Him again.  We flowed Everywhere and into Everything.  We looked out through stars, and permeated vast expanses of latent darkness, filling them all with silent Knowing.  All of Creation was steeped in our presence, and we forgot we ever were a tiny little leaf on a tea plant.


    • You went a long way from the functional tea caddy to the wooden boxes… 🙂 I think I prefer the latter as well.

      Thanks, as always, for reading and sharing.



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