The Shedding of Conceptual Selves

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I’ve taken a plunge and begun a foray into new territory. This blog is re-blogged from a new site I have created called Loving Dialogue. I hope you will check it out, and thanks for reading, as always…

Loving Dialogue

Our self-concepts are like a skin placed over the heart, a fabricated boundary that we exert to maintain and strive to control.  They are an intricate web formed of all the parameters we have established for ourselves- all those limits we have set on who we can be, on what could happen in our lives, on what we can know and experience, along with all the should’s and shouldn’ts we’ve adopted for ourselves.  All of those little ‘conclusions’ are like fibers that we have interwoven into a selectively permeable membrane that filters what we give to (and receive from) the world, and thus shapes our experience.  In this way we attempt to shape our selves.

Our Selves, however, the ones at the deepest core of who we are, have already been shaped, (by Love, in the very moment of our Beginning).  The shape we were each given was Shapelessness.  Shapelessness…

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