picking your heart’s lock

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Course Ideas / Poetry

here’s the thing
about That-
(your heart’s lock).

the Love inside You
is the same Love
that was inside

(do you see?)

and fear…
is a clumsy
lock maker.

his locks
are rusty,
ineffectual, and
hunks of metal,
as functional
and sophisticated
as a cabal of
mouse traps.

sensing his own
ineluctable incompetence,
he applies them
in copious quantities,
nothing at all
as a vast and
interwoven steel conspiracy.

eschew this shammery.

(those clodding forgeries
do weigh heavily-
I’ll give them that.)

about picking
your heart’s lock:

Love already picked it.
(weren’t you paying attention?)

if you could just
relax, (breathe),
and stop rattling
your arsenal of safety pins
hooked tweezers
honed shanks
and paper clips
inside of fear’s
battery of tempting key holes,
that is


what you would discover,
as the lock you’re holding
in your hand,
(puzzling over)
once released,

you’ll notice that
the rest of them
follow suit.

Clatter Bang Boom Bah.  Whatever.

In spiritual circles,
they call that “surrender”.

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