Regarding the Archangel Zorro

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My friends–!

May the awareness of Love
settle upon you
as if the discarded cape
of the Archangel Zorro
has curled down through the great skies above
in curling volutes of black velvet wonder
like the skyfall shuffle
of an impassioned chorus of sting rays–
enfolding and squishing and fluttering around,
riding currents of wind and smoky light,
hugging thermals and insights and
suddenly scooting sideways
with gusts of certainty shot through its belly–
to settle gently upon the bench beside you,
undiscovered as yet–!
perhaps taking the form
of the Archangel Zorro himself–!
so that when you look up
from the weight of the last few decades
to see if the bus is on time
or if you’re being forced to suffer
yet another faceless injustice
when you’ve already endured
about all you can stand,
you find yourself looking
into the crystalline eyes of a holy friend
you haven’t seen
in many dogged years
who now has snuck up on you–
a specter of joy arising before you
to rescue you from all those
leagues of insult and public transportation
with an unexpected smile,
a loaded heart ready to fire,
and a black velveteen swoosh of wonder.

May the awareness of Love so described
settle upon your shoulders
and accompany you
wherever it is you go.
May you dash and whirl as you travel,
or at least appear to do so
because of that school of holy sting rays
circling and brandishing and gleaming
in your rippled wake
that will never leave your side.

May it be so,
for even now the Archangel Zorro
is riding across the sky
on his holy steed,
flinging capes of rescue into the breeze.

After all, that is what
the Archangel Zorro does.


    • My pleasure, H. Am glad you partook and have shared this feeling of loving kindness with me, as well as my alter ego who is on the ballot this year for patron saint of the hand-sewn cape business.

      Much Love

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  1. For a moment I thought he was going to change into a gathering of black vultures swooping down….I see them in the sky, circling and watching with those not so kind beady little eyes and then I thought, No, this is Michael writing and he would never do that to me….instead sting rays…I think we have those here…don’t want to meet those either but Zorro, now that is a different thing all together…would he look like Antonio Banderas by any chance….if so, let him swoop away 🙂

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    • Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says

      I have always wanted to ride around on wind currents with sting rays, hugging thermals and insights! Thank you for this blessing! I love swimming with them, but I always run out of air.

      The awareness of Love on my shoulders is wonderful, indeed, and looking into the crystalline eyes of a holy friend, sublime.

      Yes, because that is what the Archangel Zorro does. He would never let those sting rays leave my side.

      Thank you Michael

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      • Glad you enjoyed and shared in this feeling of blessing, Mary. I feel as though any way we can nurture this it is for the good… He and his grace-filled capes will never leave your side, indeed. This is true.


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    • Ha! Similar, Kim. I think there is quite a likeness, though one can never be certain. He has a cape tailored just for you, regardless. A whole collection! And they don’t float down like sting rays. Oh no! They settle like the discarded feathers of those great eagles in Lord of the Rings! Is that better!?

      Peace, either way, my friend.

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      • Lord of the rings feathers….hmmm, I never saw the movie…read all the books way back when, I’m glad he has the capes for me in waiting, I got a fun present in the mail yesterday, A course in Love….can’t wait to begin my studies…happy girl, almost as happy as when I buy your next book😀 peace and love, Michael and have an amazing day…now get out there and float my friend😀

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  2. A refreshing romp for me after a life altering week. To be here in your energy washes me with light…from a sincere soul who expresses his message with truth…and with fun!! Thank you, Michael…the beauty of your light touches at exactly the right moment! ♡♡

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      • Your compassion touches my heart, Hariod. ♡ It was a week of immense loss, yet surprisingly I feel somewhat relieved. The power of my soul will see me through 🙂 I so appreciate your concern!

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    • Your quite welcome, Lorrie. I hope all is well. I know you have a lot of irons in the fire and it sounds like a few unexpected ones to boot. This post was for you! May you find peace as you navigate through the moments.

      Much Love

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      • You are a light in the darkness, my friend! I am completely honored to receive your blessing of this wonderful tale of love ♡♡ I am navigating my small ship through the massive waves of life…and my compass is FAITH! Much love back to you ♡

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    • I’m glad, Julia! We have collaborated in a moment of warmth and lightness of being. And all it took was a horse that run on the clouds and a crazy, masked dispenser of priceless capes and other glorious paraphernalia. Blessings to you, too.


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    • Thanks, Alison.

      Much Love to you as well,

      PS– Your cape has a microfilm sewn in the seam with original images of Ayasofya that the Archangel Zorro obtained by sneaking into Archangel Gabriel’s quarters while his colleague was at softball practice enduring a blistering series of fastballs from Metatron.

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  3. May the awareness of love settle over me.
    That one stays, it seems fair enough to be true.
    Thank you, this makes for a beautiful lullaby.

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    • Thank you very much, Tanya! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the reblog-link! Much appreciated…



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  5. There is an aquarium near where I live with stingrays in a tank several feet deep with a window so you can watch through the side and open at the top so you can watch from above. They look so graceful when they swim around in circles. But now, I see more clearly that swimming in circles is not so much fun. I hope they can dream of fluttering around as the cape of the Archangel Zorro with more freedom and purpose. And I remember the time I sat in church during a miserable time in my history and felt the awareness of love settle upon my shoulders like a soft warm blanket. I now send the power of the Archangel Zorro back in time to add strength and joy to the comfort I felt in that moment. Thank you, Michael!

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    • Sounds lovely, JoAnna! And I agree, it must become monotonous and cagey too be swimming in circles all the time, instead of flying through the depths… Amazing how those moments of grace descend upon us, and wrap us up in their loving protection. The moments when we change direction internally– when the shift occurs and we feel the embrace– those are so sublime. It’s always so subtle a seeming shift, as if a mouse has moved a ten thousand ton weight…



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