Too Far

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Once in a while
Hafiz takes things too far.

Like after I took him
to the Celtics game
where he noted
with ear-to-ear
the musical ambush
they sprung upon us
during TV timeouts
that filled the entire arena
and every soul in it
with raucous abandon
and a preview of the apocalypse.

Next day I’m sitting quietly
on the living room floor
in a stare down
with some hint of brokenness,
stirring the kettle of Love
that is warming in my heart,
when a Marshall half-stack
catches fire in the front hall closet.
Pentatonic scales
start burning dust off the overcoats
and bass lines begin pounding
the floor boards into shape.
My heart grabs a gear
and my eyes open directly
into slits of probing blame.

You have gone too far, Hafiz,
they say.

I just wanted to remind you, he yells,
and I can only “hear him” because
of a miraculous acumen I’ve somehow developed
in the field of lip-reading,
that you are on the Home Team!

Then that’s it.
We’re out the door.
The two of us.
Headed for the courts,
to daydream and shoot the rock,
to set the pick, and roll,
to draw the charge,
to spin past imaginary defenders
and dust off the crossover,
to argue the call
with invisible circumstance.

To remember the glory
hiding inside of us,
and to wax triumphant.

* * * * *

The first fifteen seconds of this arena classic will perhaps put this in perspective.  Continue listening at your own risk!


    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your note. I actually felt the same in going back over this piece. I love when the words spill into me and onto the page. That particular passage was a surprise to me, but so essential to the deeper feelings of being on the “Home Team.”


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  1. “To remember the glory
    hiding inside of us,
    and to wax triumphant.”
    That is beautifully put, so true and yet so hard to do when things get rough.

    I also like this line
    “and I can only “hear him” because
    of a miraculous acumen I’ve somehow developed
    in the field of lip-reading,”
    That is what it feels like when it is hard to connect to inner guidance.


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    • Thank you, Karin. It really can be difficult to make that leap when times are rough. For me sometimes playfulness can cut through the difficulty. And sometimes I just look around sheepishly afterwards and hope nobody was watching… Ha!

      I never thought about the need to read lips to reach through the fog and make a connection but I like that idea. There is a strange veil between us and the reality of peace, and we need to shift into other ways of perceiving to reconnect them…

      Peace to you, too!

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    • I know it! I had blisters on the tips of my fingers just from the air guitar!

      Still enjoying your book very much, Noelle!


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          • I am just beginning. I have a couple of book signings in Denver where I am speaking on meditation and then signing books afterwards. Mainly in the healthcare arena where I work now and I have so many connections. Turn out has been great, but again, these are circles and credentials familiar to everyone. I’ve also picked up some speaking in local community churches on meditation as well. Not a big speaking circuit, but we all begin somewhere. I love the intimate interactions that are possible. Organic dialogue intrigues me more than the traditional workshop concept.

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            • Just beginning is good, Noelle. I think sometimes we’re always just beginning– just beginning what’s next… So that for all our history of success or failure it so often adds up to this moment right now, hearing our voice echo loudly inside a giant cave of mystery…! 🙂 I like the idea of organic dialogue, too. It brings things to light I think, has a kind of magnetism to it that pulls things out. I think you will touch many people…


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  2. We are all on the home team, but it can often be hidden from view. Maybe we need more ACDC to help wake us up! And sometimes it seems the Universe has taken things way too far, but I guess that is when a very expanded perspective is needed. Life is getting stranger and stranger. Thank goodness for the mighty kettle of love.

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    • Hello Linda,

      I’ve got some catching up to do in blogland here, but i hope all is well and I’m glad you enjoyed this. ACDC can be fun for sure, but everything in moderation, right? i can only handle small doses, but my adrenal glands love it.

      Hope your strange life is held by a most expanded and loving perspective.


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  3. The bass beat of the universe in every breath we take and every heartbeat, sometimes we forget to let it carry us away in the tribal dance of life. Lip reading the Hafiz moments is the fun part…if we don’t channel into it, we have to watch the darn commercials and what fun is that. Turn it UP, turn it WAY UP and dance….swoosh goes the ball. 3 points.

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    • Hi Kim,

      The rhythm and the life of the whole thing is indeed in every breath. I like your line: we need to let it live inside us so we’re not forced to look for it “out there” and watch all those darn commercials. Ha! Let the music of life carry us away.

      No look pass!


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      • Oooh, the crafty no look pass….see, my husband is related to Christian Laettner….and I know squat about B-ball…..I like football and baseball myself, but I do know how a know look pass, caught and swoosh, anothe 3 points for Super Kimmie…psst….I think Hafiz helped out on that one…..I don’t have that good of coordination….all elbows…peace and love Michael💜

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  4. Fifteen seconds? I went for the whole five minutes. Epic! I thought AC/DC was just all screaming. I never knew that they had actual musicians! Not that it’s enough to turn me into a groupie or anything. 🙂
    Alison xox

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    • Pretty amazing musicians, yes. Not my go to in every moment, but a jam of choice in any sports arena in the world. I loved this one, though.

      Here’s a guitar jam of perhaps equal musical difficulty, but it just doesn’t cut it for a fourth quarter time-out montage… 🙂


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  5. i can see you now, Michael
    at the game
    cause i have a memory
    of being at the game, myself
    taking in the overcrowded, over-stimulated
    sights, sounds, game-food & fanaticism
    wishing the next day that i remembered
    my ear plugs to have moderated
    damage to those sensitive instruments
    of hearing 🙂

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  6. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says

    Good to know that you’re on the home team, huh? 🙂
    And wow, that guitar is incredible!
    Peace and a kettle of Love,

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    • Enjoying this heartfelt stew, Mary. The wild guitar has passed. The grass is still. The night is full. Thanks for being here to share it with me.

      Take a cup and pass it around…

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  7. Beautiful writing, Michael, as always, puts a smile on my face. “to set the pick, and roll” 🙂 Thank you for sharing the tea from the kettle.

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    • Thank you, Kristina! Glad you enjoyed it. That classical basketball offense is also quite the powerful hair-styling technique I am come to understand… 🙂


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  8. Thank you Michael, it’s such a cool feeling when I am feeling good about something, and know at the back of my mind that his feeling may change. Then I read that line:

    To remember the glory
    hiding inside of us,
    and to wax triumphant.

    I don’t know where I’ll be next but I know that this good feeling is gonna last longer because you lifted me up.

    Thanks for having my back.


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    • Hi Harlon,

      What a lovely moment. My pleasure, bro. I don’t know where you’ll be next either, but you’ll be there being you, which means whatever moment you find is gonna’ take a turn for the better.


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    • Hello Ka!

      Yes, we do that sometimes for sure. Kick dirt onto the ump’s feet. Fling our exasperated hands away from us. Wax incredulous instead of triumphant, but yes, let’s do the latter! Whenever we can!

      Much Love

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    • Thanks, Genie! A little out of place at the NBA game I suppose, but always that innocent twinkle of light in his eyes…! 🙂


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