We Are One Heart

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Christ / Course Ideas

“Our heart is the light of the world.

We are one heart.

We are one mind.  One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order, blessing the silence, gracing the cosmos, manifesting the light of the heart.  Here we live as one body, experiencing communion, the soul’s delight, rather than otherness.” (CoL, 2nd ed., page 180, 20.4-20.6)

This passage from A Course of Love always seems to reduce the vicissitudes of my life to a gentle present, like a rushing river that has escaped the narrow canyon walls and discovered the sea.


I wake up in the morning and dedicate myself once again to the effort to be loving… when I am Love itself.

I enter the world in search for ways to be loved… when Love is all I have ever been given.

I strive to correct what could never be broken… and in this I toil.

How is it that I have failed to embrace the heart of this Moment, when I am surrounded by your beauty, by the wonder of who you are?

How is it that I have felt alone, when you are here beside me?

How is it that you were sent to me, Love’s perfect Answer, but I recognized you not?

There must be one thing I have valued more than all the rest, the one thing only I can give myself, in the darkened chamber of my private thoughts: the pride and glory of something only I have made.  But you see, I thought I was doing something important in there, something sacred.  I thought I could make you something special, and then come out and give it to you, something that would show you how good I really am.  I thought I could fix all this, with what I made- by myself.

But where was I when I was building this case?  Where was I when I was desperately amassing this evidence?  I was nowhere.  And you were waiting for my return.

You knew I would be back…  For we are one heart.  We… are all there ever was.


    • Likewise, thank you for visiting! There is something familiar about all of this… about remembering Wholeness… about finding our way back… about being drawn out once again by that haunting Memory… of Love…


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