Overcoming History

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Christ / Course Ideas

Jesus suggests in the Treatise of the New- (of the Treatises on A Course of Love)- that we stand poised to enter the causative formation of the new world we have so long sought.  It’s right here, now, awaiting our response.  I feel like I’m in it up to my neck- but neck deep isn’t enough.  I can’t stand on the end of the high dive, bouncing in place, and just imagine what it would be like to sever my ties to the ground and give 100% of myself to the acceleration of gravity.  I have to actually jump.

Sort of.

It’s an analogy that doesn’t work because the neck deep viewpoint, like all of our perceptions, is  of an upside down world, a reflection on the surface of the water, distorted in the waves.  It would have us accomplish something- like going ‘all in’ and diving off the board- in order to ‘make something of ourselves’ and gain the world we seek.  We want to be the cause of our own miracle.  We want to write the story.  But jumping off a satellite won’t do the job, nevermind the high dive, if we don’t simply accept the world that is being extended to us in every instant.  All we are called to do is accept that we’re already falling, and stop dreaming about chairs, floors, planks, sidewalks, roads, decks, asphalt, beds, the ground, etc.  When we catch ourselves in a dream that we’re walking on a concrete sidewalk, Jesus asks us simply to observe what is– namely, that we are tumbling through Eternity.

For me right now, this neck deep business is a wallowing.  It feels like an awkward stage that precedes full immersion.  Keeping my head in the air and my heart in the water simply stabilizes difficulty.  That division, the heart in one world and the mind another, is the old way.  That inner disconnect is clamoring for the movement to wholeheartedness wherein mind and heart are joined, the first joining to which Jesus calls us in A Course of Love.  Through that doorway lies the New, the fulfillment of Original Purpose, a world that is the living embodiment of Truth as opposed to the distorted, upside-down unreality with which we are all too familiar.

Could we really succeed where all of history has failed?  Could I really have a day in the near future in which I accept that I’m real?  A day on which I break with history forever?  A day on which all other days throughout all of time, are remade?  That is quite a thought to be carrying around in one’s head, to think that we might succeed in ending the suffering and illusion that have been part and parcel to the human experience for countless generations.  Could we really become that type of holy power?

In a Treatise on the Personal Self, (2.10, pg 112), Jesus says, “You stand empty of untruth and about to embark on the journey of truth.  You stand in the transformational moment between the unreal and the real.  All you await is an idea, a remembrance of the original idea about your personal self… This memory lies within your heart…”

Jesus says yes.

My heart says yes.

My mind is fighting the good fight and writing blogs, but that’s okay.  It’s now in relentless pursuit of a good, clean look at the inside of my heart.  It’s rummaging around in a box of matches, very close to the spark that will set my history on fire, the flicker of light that will reveal the original idea of myself tucked away safely inside the chambers of my heart.  When is the last time you reached into a full box of matches and came up empty?  Would you bet against yourself to get but one of them lit?  We are that close.  We need strike but one to end the darkness forever.


    • I really like the quote you posted at this link. C.S. Lewis’ description of Heaven as all the unshakable that remains when all that can be shaken is shaken loose, is right on for me. Jesus said in the Course of Love that our lives are our curriculum, and that everything that occurs is either an expression of Truth or an experience of what it means to be living inside of a mindset of separation and disunion. The latter, then, is the nudge I need sometimes- that bit of shaking capable of culling out the shakable. Little by little, standing in the purifying storm, we release the dust from our hands…


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